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The lineart is already old I don't remember when i started it XD but since I got used to drawing digital lately it was really hard to color a traditional line again O_O;...
I chose different color scheme too ^_^ kind of tired of using the same scheme for anything xdown related and I do think pastel do match march hare a lot ^_^

and yes my march hare is a girl XD

March Hare@X-Down (c) Rann

What is xdown?
X-down is an original comic based on alice in wonderland, it's not available for free reading
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If I may ask, was this (AMAZINGLY AMAZING) beautiful picture made with a SAI pad?
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Le personnage que je préfère dans X-down ❤ (et avec le chapeau, elle a encore plus la classe :D) Tu ne comptes pas faire une version porte-clé pour Mars Hare? (j'ai déjà Alice, mais bon, on a jamais trop de porte clés :p...)
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i thought march hare is a boy... But it's so beautiful XD!
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Somehow your art reminds me so much of CLAMP's. :) If you know them.
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Actually, the March Hare was always my favorite. Making her a girl and her color scheme, it was like a breath of fresh air compare to the others who have a dark color scheme and identical uniforms. [But i still like em just like the Hare more lol] I look forward to seeing more art of her. ^_^
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omg soo awesome :iconcblushplz:
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waaah, i totally love she *_ she is super cute whith her cute bunny ears and that heart eyepatch *_*
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flawless as usual,Rann
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It has a touch of Art Nouveau with the flowers and the background. I like that. :)
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I love this. You're amazing <3
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March Hare! \^o^/
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Un superbe travail que je vois là *-* Les couleurs sont géniales, tout comme le perso !
Le fond est vraiment très beau, j'aime la façon dont on passe à un vert/bleu à du rose, avec en plus la texture, c'est génial !
Et les couleurs du ciel étoilé (c'est un ciel, hein ?) est trop... Trop... Beau... ;____; Comme les fleurs qui sont bien détaillées, et je ne me lasse pas du beau visage de ce personnage ! Surtout de son expression, son regard... *__*

Ça file dans mes favs, bon travail ! :heart:
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PS : Je suis tout de même outrée de ne voir qu'une cinquantaine de commentaire par rapport à 2000 et quelques de favs... Y a vraiment un énorme manque de respect envers l'artiste. Ton travail mérite bien plus de commentaire, qui sont quand même un signe d'attention à la personne qui a réalisé cette oeuvre.
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This is so amazing! I love her hair and outfit!
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très classe, j'adore
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omfg i loove you!!!! i cosplayed as the mad hatter... for im certainly as mad as him.... :3
u made my day~~~
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Beautiful as always~ Despite being old :D
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Enfin une illust. de MarchHare, je l'adore. Je veux un poster de cette illustration! FOVEREVER MARCHHARE POWER!!! *O*
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finally a non chibi picture! lol
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When is the next x-down book coming out?
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I like your designs.
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Hello March Hare, long time no see. My, you look very pretty :D
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