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I hope I'll be able to finish the matching piece before japan expo cause those will be the only new pictures I'll have <_<;...

I would actually have liked it more if alexeï was in a dynamic pose <_< ...
Those two appear in the next chapter that won't be release for Japan expo because I'm very late on Memento mori >v>;;;

Alexeï and The red Queen from X-Down (c) Rann
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this is creepy........................I LOVE IT!
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I love so hard The red Queen! She is so so so so Wonderful!!!
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so cool! the killer that works with the queen!
*panci and faint*
Hmm, intruiging. I would like to know more about this two. Where can I read about them?
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The details and composition are so impressive! :love:
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I love your drawings! and your profile is so dang amazingly KAWAII~!! XD
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woow, you draiwings are so amazing, soo pretty
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This. Is. Wonderful.
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Dude this is so sweet!!!!!!
XxXScizzorKatXxX's avatar
just absolutely flawless. . . .♥
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c'est sublimement beau :)
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Oh, heartbreak! It's a beautiful piece.
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Juste pour savoir, la version avec Alice/Spade et la Reine Blanche sera faite aussi pour JE Sud ? *trop envie de la voir*
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i love it!!!!
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nice color effects :D very pretty
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this is just perfect, my drawings became only scratches after seeing your works C-C
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Je sens que le prochain chapitre d'X-Down s'annonce rock'n'roll..XD
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What is X-Down? This is amazing by the way.
XxXScizzorKatXxX's avatar
These are beautiful :3
do you use software for some of the more detailed areas, or. . . <.<
Amazing :]
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I love your artwork, it's always so detailed and beautiful :3
LuffyNoTomo's avatar
wooooooo thats super good, and so detailed =D
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