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Tarot minor arcana wip progress

EDIT:I'm done with card now they're on their way to the printer ^_^ ( sorry  for the delay due to work and sickness I had some trouble keeping the  rythm)
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Hi! Where could I buy this card? Can someone tell me?

Hello, sorry, although I would like to buy the cards, I really like art and I would like to have them in digital format in the major quality

Please tell me where can I buy the digital images

I created it with a scaling AI program

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please know that any use of those in any way other than private use expose you to pursuit by my publisher then ^^

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The deck is absolutely stunning and I have already purchased it, but I’ve just noticed that there are 6 swords on the card which is supposed to be a 7 of swords. 
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you actually made me doubt my seklf XD  I checked there is seven just one of the handle is right in the hand thaht hold it and it's not very visible on such a small image XD
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Oh, I'm sorry! For some reason I've thought this one and the one above it are a single sword but a very long one oh no she didn't

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oh my! it's beautiful. I love all of them
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I just boight this deck its super pretty
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Hi! I just want to say that your cards are absolutely stunning! The prettiest tarot deck I've ever owned. I was so happy to hear that your cards were going to be sold by llewelyn as I had been following this deck on this site since you first starting drawing/uploading them on this site. They just came into the mail today and I've been fangirling over them since! Absolutely beautiful, love that you used the Rider Waite style =)
I had buy order this card arkana mayor and minor with that link shop... Thanks for all of you dedicated for this card... You're a magnificent artist art ever 
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I had seen the deck for preorder a while ago, and was curious. Now I'm thinking I may just buy it. It's a beautiful deck, and I love the themed colors of the court decks. You mix in the elements associated to the Tarots gorgeously.
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hey excuse me im fan of your deck but dont have money to buy you can submit al images only have the major arcana and im fan to your work im a esoterist and i like work to your cards please tanx for your taming
Do you have any idea when they will be back in stock? I'm in love with my major arcana and want to complete my collection!
so much work. not easy to find, bravo. 
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rann found beautiful his letters, congratulations is the most beautiful tarot have ever seen, how do you do them? (If something goes strange or nonsensical excuse me I am using the translator ;-; )
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I really like these but it would be better if I could get a better look at them
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yes, please print more! 
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are you ever going to make these cards again? I noticed you're out of stock currently but I fell in love with the deck and would really love to have it. It's lovely, simply breathtaking.
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Amazing!!! =D
 I usually play with spanish cards, I wish you to make a spanish-italian deck. That would be awesome.
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RANNNNNN !! *pleure tout les larmes de sont corps*
je viens de recevoir tes tarots QAQ omg ils sont magnifique !!!! je suis complètement sous le charme !!!!!! (même si jai attentu , je suis très heureuse de les avoir )
Franchement un grand merci et aussi mes sincères félicitations pour ce superbe travaille de titan *se prosterne*
je sais pas comment décrire ma joie et mon admiration envers toi et ton travail . J'ai hâte d'être à la japan expo pour avoir dédicace en live $v$
Encore merci pour tout et bonne continuation .
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Are you going to upload them all individually? I'd love to see details. Also, I'd love to buy it but I can't at the moment because my country is not allowing imports and I'm afraid they would get stuck. I promise I'd buy it as soon as the prohibitions are lifted.
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I really love your Tarot card art! 
I've been wanting to find a good tarot art style to get a tattoo of and your drawing is as close as I can find to what I want. 
You're amazing!
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