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Tarot deck progress

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Q:Will the cards be printed as a deck and sold?
A:YES ^_^

Q: Will english version be available or others languages?
A: I will do an english version order once in mid may if you skip it only italians will remains( because seriously it's easy to translate and remember 22 names

Q:How much?
A: don't have the price for now should be around 10/15€ for a deck.

Q: wil you do minor?
A: yes but they won't be ready for july and will be sold seperately.

for people who don't follow my tumblr and keep asking how is the tarot deck progressing ^_^ i'll update the cards in small untill they're completed to be posted here ^_^
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Is the web currently under maintenance?
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These are beautiful. I have a question though, did you put the wrong artwork for the numbers XI and VIII? XI is justice, and VIII is strength they flopped on yours.

Edit;  Sorry, looked into it further. Good Job!
JasonChandler's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
Spoonerism's avatar
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I love these… are you doing another print run in 2015? I'd love to order both major and minor… 
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Toutes les cartes sont absolument somptueuses !
WhiskeyVick's avatar
They are so beautiful! I want a deck, why are they sold out? :(
rann-poisoncage's avatar
I've added three more deck after these it will be oos for a while^^
WhiskeyVick's avatar
I look forward to seeing it! :D 
Samy-chan88's avatar
Sono bellissime...!!!! Sarei interessata ma vorrei sapere le dimensioni sù per giù di ogni carta e anche quanto potrebbe costare la spedizione ^___^ 
MonkeySNorthern's avatar
J'ai tellement de fascination pour ton deck...
Dearie, you're so fabulous~ (Le jour où j'aurais assez d'argent pour me l'acheter *soupir* que de joie)
happybutbored's avatar
I've always been fascinated by the Major and Minor Arcana of traditional Tarot decks, and I love your stylized depictions of each while still retaining their respective central motifs! Well done! :+fav:
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its so beautifull
llais's avatar
I've read that is not possible to buy it anymore :(
rann-poisoncage's avatar
hi ^^ the deck is currently oos but I will restock it in august and put the preorder for teh minor as well ^^
Melisaficent's avatar
Do you have an estimate on the cost of the preorder for minor deck?
rann-poisoncage's avatar
somewhere between 30 and 40€  for the minor I have not yet calculated  everything I have to take in accoun the cost for the custom box  and taxes when I order them
Melisaficent's avatar
Thanks for the input! I'm sorry if I ask so many questions, I'm really invested with wanting to buy your full deck. :)
Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
Lovely work!  but please delete the link now as it's very frustrating to discover I can't buy the deck!

(definitely no way to get a copy of the deck?)

Best wishes! Peter. :)

(btw: check this: to show you how much I like cards ....and: Your deck will be featured in Part two....)
rann-poisoncage's avatar
the deck will be restocked soon ^^
Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
Have a great one, whatever you're doing...:)
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