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Tarot card 7- the Chariot

Tarot card 7- The Chariot/Il Carro/Le Chariot

yeah so I couldn't draw horses and man without cutting on the horses or having the guy far away XD.....So..... let's say it's a creepy chariot with horses head on it XD....

only the emperor left and i'm done done done done *echo*
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I just picked this deck set for my birthday yesterday. You had me at the cover and back. Love it! Congrats on publishing and finishing the deck!
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you are one of the best illustrators i have seen. congrats!
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what is the personality of this card
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Love your interpretations for the Tarot!
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yeah this odd~ but this is not bad. So the horses both white?
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What chariot mean anyways ?
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carriage something like that
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I would say he is riding on two horses in the same time. :3
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you could draw horses^^ i think so^^
another wonderful card
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The Horses don't look creepy XD Makes sense.
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looks great! :D -Ti
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waaaa that is so cool
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Bravo rann! :D C'est vraiment beau! Courage! Plus qu'une maintenant!
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So beautiful! I just love the composition: the red canopy creates such a great contrast with the silver of his armour and the white of the horses <3 It really captures the feel of The Chariot :love:
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les fameux chevaux!!! XD ca a été du coup?
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Mais t'as un de ces débit, c'est dingue ca !!!
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Ou un cheval à deux têtes ? 8D J'trouve l'idée plutôt cool XD /sort
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so cool! Great style and I love your colors!
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Fight for the end!! xD
Gorgeous as ever!
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