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Tarot card 17- the Star

Tarot card 17 -The star
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Q:Will the cards be printed as a deck and sold?
A:YES ^_^

Q: Will english version be available or others languages?
A: I will do an english version order once in mid may if you skip it only italians will remains .

Q:How much?
A: don't have the price for now should be around 10/15€ for a deck.

Q: wil you do minor?
A: yes but they won't be ready for july and will be sold seperately.
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What is your policy on getting this as a tattoo? ^^ I love it so much
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Star Platinum! ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!!!!!!!!!
The1stWeaverOfDreams's avatar
I would like to buy an English version. What design are you going to put on the back of the cards?
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Where can I buy a deck of these tarot cards? :)
La Stella:
Offre speranza e possibilità per il futuro
ElliotxClaris's avatar
How come this one is in English but the rest aren't?
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Lovely card, The Star is one of my favorite Tarot cards in the Rider-Waite deck and I like the imagery in this one. :) As the imagery in The Star is that of the purified soul nurturing the world with water poured from her jar, with the ladder to the stars visible in the background, the image of the female figure sitting in water surrounded by flowers with the stars almost radiating from around her head seems quite appropriate- nice work!
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You have such excellent compositional skills! All of your pieces blow me away! O_O
chronus79's avatar
why this card name is english but others france?
rann-poisoncage's avatar
the others ae in italian not french and I simply uploaded the wrong file and was too lazy to change XD...
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You won't sell the Minors with the Majors oÔ? Hu....It strange to me but...well.

Good luck for the others ^^.
rann-poisoncage's avatar
well they'll be in two different deck so that people who really want a complete deck can order thme but a lot of people only like major cause they don't do readings anyway ^^
MisssFelidae's avatar
Oh yeah I see xD!! Well I realy love what you do and I'm excited to see the minors :'D

Au fait, tu parles français? O.o
rann-poisoncage's avatar
je suis française :D
MisssFelidae's avatar
Yeaahhh j'suis Québécoise xD! (et on parle anglais depuis le début xD)
AgehaGh0st's avatar
if i only had half your talent... :)
ayauesca's avatar
Les lotus, quelle bonne idée ! Dommage qu'elle ne soit pas (un peu) enceinte sinon, ça aurait été plus dans le ton de sa poitrine ;) Plus sérieusement, pour le sens de la carte... quelque chose comme avoir confiance dans le cycle de la vie. ^^
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beautiful!!! il love it!!!! *_* :love:
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preety ^-^ keep up good work
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Where can i order/buy them? :) Amazing!!!
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