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::Tarot-Minor Arcana-Ace of Pentacles::

As of Pentacles/ As de Deniers/Asso Di Danari

I know there is no pentacle on my card, that's because I don't like the english name of Pentacle because it doesn't speak at all for money in my head , in both french and italian it's a name of ancient money coin.^^ .
I know this one look like the last one XD don't worry not all card will have just a head and hands XD... I only started with the easiest to do.
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Featured in portuguese blog Coisas da Interwebs!
If possible, please share the feature, as lots of hard work and hours go into making the blog an awesome place to visit! Have a great weekend!…
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I just recently bought the Major Arcana alongside with X-Down... I kinda got mad with my friend today when she said a tarot couldnt be that beautiful because it loses credibility...
Anyways, Rann, looking foward for theses minor arcanas to be ready, certanly an instabuy. Would you send me an email when they are out?
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haha I'm glad you received them ^_^.
For the cards i don't know XD, in my opinion  cards are just support for a knowledge and holds only the power you give them^^.
As far as I'm concerned, if I were to write only the names on blank paper, the  reading wouldn't change at all, but I guess everyone has  a personal view on that :3
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For me this card looks great. Better then the Marseille Design. Here I really see the Meaning of wealth in- and outside. The Luck. A great Destiny. ^^ the horn of plenty is a good symbol for that. ^^
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I happen to love your illustrations and breadth of symbolism. My one question is if i should order the majors now and the minors when available - or will you be selling them as a complete set? 
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you can wait for when both of them will be available  I sell them separetely but you can save on the shipping
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Thank you very much, i'll keep my eye out. 
Well, when we can expect complete minor deck? Because with that masterpiece of art i'd buy them even to use them as standar playing cards.
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J'adore, tu es toujours aussi douée !
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Incredible card! *0* 
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Now if only it didn't had the "signature" in the middle of the image, it would be perfect
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yeah I know but I keep having them stolen  so i won't remove them sorry :/
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If I could get it without the "Signature". I would print it and use is as cards from Sakura Card Captor

(Don't judge me, I sort of liked it when I was a kid :p
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Wow!!! So beautiful!!!!
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I think you mean "Ace" not "As of pentacles" 
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yeah it's a typo i did not make the mistakes on the title ^^
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Just thought you should know in case you wanted to correct it :)
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Toujours aussi belle! J'adore tes cartes Rann!
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There are a lot of options besides Pentacles. The suit does not mean primarily money, although a lot of people associate that with the suit. If you go by the elements, then Pentacles represent Earth. WIth that tradition in mind you could go with calling the suit Stones. You might even be able to represent them artistically at crystals of a sort. DIfferent colors for different moods of the images. 
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I've been so excited to see you working on these, just as stunning as the Major Arcana! I can't wait to have a matching set. ♥

I'm curious though... Even if you substitute the term "Denari" for "Pentacle", will there also be an English set? Or will these only be available in Italian?
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thank you ^^ I'll still do an english version with pentacle suit  but I won't change the picture to match the name of pentacle^^
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Oh no, I would never ask you to change the picture! Like I said, it was idle curiosity. I'm just happy to see them coming out, regardless of what they're called! :)
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