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::Tarot-Minor Arcana-Ace of Cups::

Sorry for the small size of the card but since there are shops who print my cards and sell my deck without  any rights to do so it's either this or a big ugly watermark...
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Do u mind if i tatto this??Itts sooo coool btw..Trophy Love 
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your tarot cards are so beautiful!!
x-mllx-mell-x's avatar
I really love your style of drawing! :3
NeonCalamity's avatar
This is beautiful! (:
draconic13's avatar
you sell these? cool! :omgomg: 
IceQueen987's avatar
WHAT?! People are stealing your work?! Assholes! Watermark it or whatever you need to do to keep your art safe. I can't STAND art thieves... =.=
Riabiany's avatar
Excelent ♥ ♥ ♥
time-boy's avatar
Superbe! J'ai hâte de pouvoir précommander les mineurs! :3
NadiaDibaj's avatar
such a beautiful Design :) 
Oh...I hope that's never does happen again ...! :(
onisuu's avatar
Rannnnn i love the colours and design!! ♥♥ the water lilies are a wonderful addition too! *7*/
Tsukiiyo's avatar
lordedosventos's avatar

you are finally finishing your minor arcana, im soo happy

(~^3^)~ *passing out
Sayuki-Art's avatar
Le coloring est superbe *^*
et c'est vraiment nul les gens qui font ça, rien qu'à voir les conventions, les marchands de goodies c'est 90% volé sur DA/Pixiv/Tumblr, je trouve ça vraiment dégueulasse...
Naddillu's avatar
It's lovely!! Though wow I'm so sorry to hear your work is getting stolen, that's terrible DD:
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