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::Tarot-Minor Arcana-8 of Swords::

you can buy the deck here >>…
I'm uploading those very slowly( I actually have a lot more done but I want to prevent thief since the major deck was  used illegally a lot ^_^,I'm sorry for being slow at replying to messges about ordering and such  don't worry there will be more deck soon  i'll post the shop link asap
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Someone used your major deck illegally? That's awful ;;o__o

Anyway gorgeous cards!
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What was this painted with ? Sai or photo shop ?  GREAT Also commissions ?
i would really like to buy a complete deck
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oh I love to have all those cards they look awesome!
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god I love Tarot card art, just from a point of interruption it can lead to some amazing things 

though I noticed a pattern with swords, the girl is always bound, is there a reason for that?
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C'est moche que des gens te volent ton deck... tu pense mettre un watermark plus grand (genre écrit en plus de ton logo)?
C'est pas très beau mais c'est dissuasif.
En tout cas, hâte d'avoir to deck de Minor Arcana entre les mains ^^
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oh good I love details and her dress ;A;
love your shading :heart:
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oh gosh :(  I'm sorry about all the misuse of your cards.  People kinda suck especially with how many years you've put into this baby of yours.    Maybe (shame as it would be to be missing details) you should be posting them much smaller or maybe with a slightly more intrusive watermark?
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