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::Tarot-Minor Arcana-8 of Cups::

8 of cups.
I'm finally resuming the work on the minor arcana  I hope to complete them soon
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oooooooooooooooooooooo very nice 
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Tellement hâte que sortent les arcanes mineures, ce jeu est sublime ! 
Hello, I wanna ask if I can order the Major Arcana to be shipped to Brasil?
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hi yes I ship  items worldwide ^_^
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Please do!! I'm excited to use the Majors deck I just ordered but cannot wait to have the Minors! Thank you so very much!!! <3 <3
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These are honestly just perfection. I refuse to have any tarot deck until you finish and I can purchase these. I will happily wait.
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beautiful card!!! great work PervyMoni 
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you can do it!
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Amazing i want this deck so much
Your simply amazing 😍🙌🐇
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Sublime! Continue ton superbe travail! :D
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It's beautiful. Good to see you're back~
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I saw you working on this today in the stream. Beautiful!!
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Amazingly well done! :D
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Fantastic work~ :la:
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This is what I have been waiting for!
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