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::Tarot-Minor Arcana-3 of swords::

Tarot Minor Arcana-3 of Swords
I've been ask for those quite a lot ^_^.
It took me quite a lot of time to figure what to do for those, as Marseille Tarot is very different and graphical but poor in terms of illustrations.
So I'm following more inspiration from the rider waite for those.
I hope you'll like them^^
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I would totally buy this deck.
very beutiful tarot!! >w<
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Featured in portuguese art blog Coisas da Interwebs. Have a nice day!…
Hey! Can you try to draw her to smile, I think that will make this pain to so special... I love the pain in 3oS, it's a gentle pain but so deep!
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Lovely deck, I like your interpretation of the three of swords!! :) Yeah, the Marseille Tarot was poorer in terms of the illustrations on the Minor Arcana (pip cards)- especially compared to lavishly illustrated decks like the Waite-Smith Tarot and Crowley's Thoth deck.  I like the pictures on the cards to tell a story, like this one. ^^
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Hi dear,
a friend of mine bought your beautiful desk.
I'd like to sew her a case to bring the tarots always with her, but I don't know the exactly measures of the deck and I can't ask her without ruin the birthday surprise. :(
Can you tell it to me please? :)
Thanks a lot!
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the box  of the deck is 95mm x151mmx9mm
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thank you very much! you'r so kind! :*
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Je suis tellement contente de voir que tu as eu du temps pour commencer les arcanes mineures. J'ai bien hate de voir le résultat final de toutes ces cartes (et de les ajouter à mon paquet d'arcanes majeures!)

Est-ce que tu as prévu fournir un petit booklet avec la signification de chaque carte, comme tu avais fait avec les arcanes majeures, lorsque tu va vendre le deck d'arcanes mineures? Je trouvais que c'était tellement une bonne idée ^^
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yay The small arcanum! :D I still need the big arcanum but the money didn't let me buy it. q.q

why the sword cards must be so bad? I mean from the meanings. Swords are cool. But you made a great design. Yours looks much better then the Marseille design. ^^

I read the meaning of the card. Wow. Very hard. Your design really fits to it. I think most of the people I know and even I could get this card.
TheCynicalFlowerGirl's avatar
This is so beautiful. I really can't wait to add this set to my major arcana...
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Great picture love the composition
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J'aime beaucoup également !
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I remember  this one from the Raider-Waite  tarot!!! ... It  came up once  when i get a reading. :+fav:
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This is so amazing , beautiful colors you use for this . And also beautiful design too
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Is this like the Spanish deck of cards???? like the ones that have drawings like swords, cups, other objects and few numbers missing? 
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awesome *ç* i can't wait to see your deck completed!
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I love the Rider Waite's imagery. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the rest of the cards!
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Continue ton superbe travail! ^^ j'ai vraiment hâte de voir les mineurs au complet! ^^ J'ai montré ton jeu à l'une de mes amies et elle l'adore aussi! Je compte lui acheté un deck complet lorsqu'il sera complété pour son anniversaire ;)
time-boy's avatar
WOOOWWWWWWWW c'est magnifique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is amazing! :happybounce:
I love the style of this piece, and the way you've made all the other imagery on the card lead to the central symbol ^^ Brilliant work! Clap 
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So excited for the Minor Arcana deck! ><
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