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::Memento Mori-Fleau::

I've got nothing to submit more interesting as I work full time on my comic D: *laaaaaate*
Fléau@Memento Mori (c) Rann-tonkam
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© 2012 - 2021 rann-poisoncage
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Ahh can I ask an info? How I can make that background  gradient with geometric forms? Please, can you help? Thanks in advance!
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(Clipped in 2) 1. Color gradient
2. Geometric pattern with transparent background
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The artwork for this comic looks very enticing. :)
Piimocial's avatar
I like color tone which you've used :)
rika57's avatar
i almost lost my mind because i thought it was cain from starfighter xD awesome job :D *faves*
LizzyWolfFire6's avatar
Awesome job, love it :D
die-arrea's avatar
I like the haircut. and the colors.
Freizicers's avatar
love the details!!
Ui-Azuma's avatar
Oh wow :D this is awsome!
Loving the colours. (:
foxbakudan's avatar
Gorgeous. Love the colors so much. <3
nakuchan9095's avatar
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I've always loved your way of using color and this is no exception. Another love, and I adore how you played with transparency on this one.
Kaenisei's avatar
Comme il est magnifique ;w; ♥
MnCrumble's avatar
*A* That's impressive <3
NineThousandOnes's avatar
Hi ! Moar backgrounds rose et bleu èoé !
xXJet01Xx's avatar
You hava a comic!?~!!!!!!!
NakuruAngel's avatar
oh my god COLOR <3
CylexBoh's avatar
juste-un-crabe's avatar
A...A...Amazing !
J'adore trop ;-; c'est trop magnifique pour mes nieux @_@
berylou-chan01's avatar
trop trop beau !!!!!! =)
miss-mana483's avatar
Fléau! *w*
J'adore ce perso, je suis toujours en admiration de votre dessin que vous m'avait faite a la Japan Expo de lui. C'est du grand Art <3
Des dessins toujours sublime <3
Vivement Memento Mori 2 *w*
TruPink's avatar
Beautiful...I love the colors ^_^
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