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::Circus-swan lake -prologue::

-Prologue page for circus-swan lake

-I'm sorry for my english I tried my best to adapt the french but I might have done an awkward traduction ^^ english version of the book will be corrected in time by an english native don't worry XD.....

-I'm going to post all Acte 1 (30page) for free reading as i get pages done but the remaining chapters won't be readable for free only by buying the book when it's out.

-brown part will be printed in gold I know it can seem strange seeing all this brown but I assure you I know what i'm doingXD

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Question: is your inking digital? or traditional?
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I have a question about the gold, because I was trying to find a why to do silver on some pages of my art book and I want to make it but I can't seem to find any printers who can do it besides on business cards. Can you recommend any?
rann-poisoncage's avatar
chinese company do it
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Oh sorry to bother you again, would you happen to know the names of any, just to get prices
AidiChan's avatar
ah ok, thank you :3
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Damn this looks great! Your design for Comics or also manga is really great. You are a real manga-ka, right?
MuBiU's avatar
Moulin Rouge movie anyone ? ^^'
LaptopNinja510's avatar
I was thinking the same thing :)
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Amazingly done. Love your art style.
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Oh my god, looking awesome so far! *___* And wow, printing in gold.... You're self-publishing this, right?
Do your best, Rann! <3
rann-poisoncage's avatar
thank you ^_^ yes it's self publishing for japan expo if I can do it O_O
luleiya's avatar
Can't wait then!! <3 Except that I don't think I'll be attending JE next year...but I'll definitely order online if you make it available. TwTb :heart:
Novarock's avatar
Waaaa ça a l'air tellement génial :D j'aimerais lire le livre complet :P
nikkaroo's avatar
omg i can just imagine the brown part being in gold!!! so excited for this! :D
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I think you're english is easy enough to understand. It has a very nice rythm to it. :)
World-Inside-Me's avatar
This is so beautiful and interesting~ The details are really perfect and look gorgeous! :love:
saillytheshippy's avatar
Love this. So much details and loving the coloring. Also the mystery and the setting makes me excited to read what's next. Sweet work :)
Sashei-Alexandre's avatar
EPIC! I love it! You have me hooked! ^^;
Azeher's avatar
Alyciane's avatar
Ca va claquer en dorée!! Je vais pas rater ça =D
Seijio's avatar
Je veux la suite x3 !!!!
J'aime la première case :3
BearSam's avatar
Ooh, I can't wait to read more. I'll definitely buy it when it comes to the US~! :iconiloveitplz:
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Looking AMAZING so far!
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