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::Circus-swan lake -Acte1-p-02::

a new page of circus i'm so slow on it T_T... sorry I can't wait to arrive to page6 with the circus (and Rothbart kehehehe*3*)
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Can't wait for the next page! I'm already sucked into the story and cant wait for more!
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"If you want A husband that dearly, i'm ...."
Is the only grammar mistake i find
This is awsome :'D!!
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Really? It didn't sound odd to me... Maybe it's because people don't usually use the word "dearly" there?
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Actually as is not my first lenguage either, i googled it =) And is funny how in the end you're right. I found that using the form "An husband"or "An house" is commonly related to the British speakers, wich is totally appropriate for the story =)
Jeje i didn't know =)
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This is brilliant!
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Definitely worth the wait :D
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Impatient de voir le cirque aussi !! (*3*)
Comment tu vas représenter tous les freaks ensemble et tout ! :D
Vivement de tenir le fanzine en main !
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J'aime de plus en plus ce mariage blanc/noir/doré, ça fonctionne très bien, vivement la suite! :)
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kyaaaa!!!! J'ai trop hâte X3 :heart:
ça y est tu as retrouvé ton mojo pour cette BD?
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ce gars me plait bien *.*
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I really like his attitude~~. I noticed a few typos, but I'm still able to understand what you're saying: 

In the first bubble, it should be: "Don't make me use my Father's influence, as dirty as it is, I won't hesitate if you don't straighten up your attitude." 
Third bubble: "If you want a husband that dearly (personally I think "much" would fit better), I'm pretty sure there're horde's of greedy men who'll line up before you." 
Fourth: I know in french it's spelled "mariage" but in English, there're two r's~~. 

That's all that I see right now, but other than that your English is very understandable/good (especially for it not being your native tongue, your English is a lot more coherent then some native English speakers I've come across >.>...,) anyway, if you'd like I can proofread your English~~ C:.   

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Father would actually be lower case. Father is only upper cased if you are addressing your father as Father or talking about your father without an article in front of it.

Dearly fits fine. Much would take away the formality. They are aristocrats; they speak more formally than commoners. I tend to speak a bit more formally, so "If you want a husband that dearly" sounds perfect for someone who is upper class.

Proofing comes not only with looking at grammatical errors, but taking a look at characters and how those characters would speak. Changing a word really can flip a character's status! It's something for you to keep in the back of your head when you look at a piece where someone doesn't speak English natively. 
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Ah, that's just my own personalized way of writing it, it's just force of habit and I didn't realize it at the time I was typing that XD. 

For the "dearly" part, did you not see the part where I said, "I personally think "much" would fit better." The one in bold being the key word here, I never said that she had to change that. 

Yeah, well there're only two pages out so far, so we've only had a glimpse of their character traits... 
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I just wanted to voice my own opinion. I think it's important that people who try to work with translation of any language (whether you do it professionally or casually as in this situation) have an ongoing conversation on translation and how nothing is perfect when going into it (of course, this discourse is important in any field you go in.) What you may choose as a word personally may not be what I choose. It may be we come from different backgrounds or we just generally disagree on wording.

I come from a background where linguistics, linguistics among society, how words and grammar change over the years in a society, etymology and learning languages is a pastime (my mom is a linguist and we all caught the bug from her. She took Spanish in high school and German, Russian, Arabic and Chinese in college. My brother took German and I took French.) I also spent eight years in speech therapy learning to speak properly from having Autism, so I have a fairly formal way of speaking. Coming from that background, I see translation from that sociolinguistics lens which my mom specializes in. When looking at comics, I look at the backgrounds as well as the characters and how they dress and work with wording that way. I try to take in the whole scope before I work on correction. That's just my way of working with translation and correction. You may have an entirely different way of working!

It wasn't a way to be rude at all (which is I think the way you took it.) Translation and proofing--especially proofing in translation of a non-English text--is an ongoing debate. How I translate and proof can be completely different from yours. That's why when two translators work together on a piece of literature, it can be heaven or hell.
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Never said you couldn't~~. 
I don't know French, for starters /took Spanish in school, most of which I don't even remember XD. I was just suggesting checking her English after it had been translated ^^;. Only language that I'm trying to delve into at the moment is Korean, but that's a whole different matter. 

Ah, I was in a speaking class too (in elementary school) but I was only put in it because I wouldn't talk for awhile. /Long story.

When I read manga/manhwa/webcomics, I do try to analyze, however, with this, there's only two pages (the first page I barely remember since it was released a bit ago, I should probably re-read it), so all I got was a spoiled girl who isn't used to getting what she wants to the point of blackmail, and a guy with a sharp tongue (I do like his smart-alec attitude, though.) 

The only part that came across as rude to me was the whole "speaking formally" part, the way you worded it rubbed me the wrong way--which may have made my response come off rude as well, but eh, I'm over that anyway...besides this is the internet, where you only have words and not the person original intent/meaning, but I digress. 

Anyway, we probably shouldn't argue about this on someone else's page, it feels kind of rude :/. 

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I wasn't arguing at all (please don't think that.) Talking about difference in opinion is a lot different than arguing.
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Well, I worded it that way if a third party reads the conversation and views it as an argument. 'Tis all. 
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woo trop classe!!! et le dernier avec les orchidée est superbe aussi! j'ai bien aimé le changement de style (enfin leger) c'est super chouette *o*
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its so pretty! i can't wait for more!

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Ouaiiiiiis mais comme il est trop badass quoi !! *v* (ou comment envoyer sur les roses une fiancée chiante like a sir 8D)
J'ai hâte de voir ce que ça va donner ce Circus ! >3< :heart:
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a husband, not " husband..."
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Whoa, very nice! The only problem is the grammar is a bit off, but I understand the feeling. When ya finish the page you rush so you can upload and forget to double check! La la la la 
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haha mostly it's because english is not my native language so  it's hard having a perfect english for me XD
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