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Another Character of Circus
Gabrielle, she's the main owner of the Circus, she's part of it too she was born without legs and wear articulated ones as accesories, she can't walk with those they're just for show.

Circus (c)Rann
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where did you learn to color?
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She is beautiful
Loving circus style
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i like her. brilliant~
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Gabrielle est vraiment mon Personnage préféré de Circus ** Elle est absolument magnifique !
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She's beautiful!
I just had a question. Perhaps I'm just looking at it incorrectly but shouldn't the foot closer to the view look a bit different? I mean, since it's her left foot, shouldn't we be seeing a more of the arch of her foot? Like in the leg that's on top.
Sorry if I'm wrong, I was just curious.
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I really like this! Your really gifted ^^
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It has a rather xxxHolic feel to it...
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Ooooh I like your characters and the whole circus idea.
Tell me ther's going to be a contortionist too, I'd love to see one drawn in your style.
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i love it
it looks very beautiful
great work
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Elle est superbe *0*
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Beautiful.. Absolutely beautiful~
Chrono-Crusade-Fan's avatar
wow it is really good.
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Absolutely stunning. Everything in this piece is just perfect. Everything is so coordinated and well done, it's amazing.
Poetic-Stitches's avatar

Your art always amazes me. Magnificent :clap:
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[link] featuuuuuuuure here °3°
MisaAfira94Ok's avatar
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ça doit faire très redite, mais ce Boa est superrrrrbeeee!!!! :la:
et les détails sont toujours aussi stupéfiants, que se soit pour l'éventail ou les prothèses de la dame. Vivement une (les?) BD!
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Wow i love this >w<
EmbraceTheHeart's avatar
awesome! I love her!
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