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Well hello!  Has it been about six months since my last update?  I think so, because that's how pregnant I am right now. 
Yup, we're expecting another little girl around the beginning of June, and I currently feel like I am carrying a small planet around and not a tiny baby.  I also look like that.  We're very excited over here, but let me tell you, the first trimester was ROUGH.  Like, constant nausea for weeks rough.  The kind where you don't want to do anything but sleep until it's over?  So naturally all drawing projects came to a screeching halt while I wussed out on the couch in the fetal position.  Once I finally got my energy back I needed to focus on other things, what sort of life stuff do I need to get done before this baby comes?  Getting our office converted into a bedroom, cleaning out junk and storing other junk.  Finishing touches on a children's book I have been working on for a lady who is self publishing (I will be posting more details about that as soon as they are polished up and ready to share.  So exciting!)  We started house hunting in our area which has been about 30% exciting possibilities and 70% sucking the soul out of my body. 
I'm also just wrapping up another 8 week set of art courses at the charter school where I teach.  Though this time around they asked if I could "throw together a middle school class."  Just THROW TOGETHER an 8 week curriculum for kids at an age where the only thing that appeals to them is TOTAL CHAOS. 

And I had a week and a half to prepare. 


Oh yeah, and I have a two year old too!  Let's not forget her!  She's still awesome and fun and sweet (and she talks so much, she honestly keeps getting funnier), but she's also getting more independent and has waaaay more energy than I do right now.  On good days we're having fun exploring the world together and teaching her to be a civilized person.  On bad days I'm just trying to keep her from digging through the cat box.  We have a lot of both days. 

So basically, what I'm whining about is, look how impressive it is that I finished another page of Arlana's story!  LOOK.  I still draw sometimes!  I wish I was drawing more but you have to measure success differently depending on what's happening in your life at the time.  That's been a good but tough lesson I've been learning throughout my life, but especially as a mother.  I've never wanted to be the "do it all" woman, but there are THINGS I want to make sure I don't let fall by the wayside.  And just taking the time to do a little sketching here and there are helping me make sure I don't stop drawing all together because I'm too busy or not motivated, or what have you. My husband is also so supportive of making sure that I have time to do my art, I can't emphasize enough how important that is.  Don't stay with someone who doesn't appreciate and support what you're passionate about (as long as it's a healthy passion, you know?  I'm really passionate about eating chocolate too but we try to keep that in check.) 
Having you cool people to share it with is also so motivating and keeps me accountable.  I'm sorry if I haven't responded to some of your wonderfully thoughtful comments, I think I kept holding out until I had something to upload.  Now I'm going to try to go back through and answer those. 

Hope to hear how some of you are doing too!  Thank you for your patience, all the favs, and all the comments!
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Congratulations!! Glad to hear you're feeling better now; good grief, how much do you try to do??!  :hug:  It IS impressive you got a page out!  (such a lovely one, too. Poo, you did WONDERFUL armor. And those expressions! I was dying, lol.)

OH dear,  I remember the house hunting and I cannot imagine doing that while everything else is going on for you!!  (I will suggest, best idea i had was to video a walkthrough of the houses to look at later, because at the end of the day you suddenly cannot remember what the hell you saw that day! And the video gives you a much better idea of layout and space than just pics. )

Been a bit pre-occupied myself with mom issues and some hard decisions, but hopefully things smoothing out now. I have such a backlog of devs to catch up on myself... and feel really bad that I've done NO writing for months. :(  Honestly have not even felt like it; it seems all my inspirations have gone out the window. Well, here's hoping spring will bring better days and inspire me!

So do you have a name for Miss Arriving in June? :D  *reads other comments* oops never mind, lol.  
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Trust me I know exactly how you feel! I was pregnant with my daughter for all 9 months and plus a week! She too was due in June, but was born on the first of July :) Do get as much rest and SLEEP as you possibly can. You will need it, because when the delightful little sweetie is born you may not get any lol. 
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Wise words from my mother in law earlier in my pregnancy were "No one ever regretted taking too many naps."  Lol.  I think about that a lot when I start to feel guilty about sleeping when I could be working on stuff. I've had to learn that there's a big difference in my productivity when I'm sleep deprived over a week or so and when I'm napping while my girl naps.  It's WAY worse not to, (I started to struggle emotionally on TOP of the fatigue) so I'm going to try to be good and lay down more. 
So excited to meet the new addition but so nervous about juggling it all!  What am I doooiing!?
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I can't say that it's going to be easy, but how well it goes depends greatly upon how supportive and dependable loved ones are and how often you tell yourself to trust that it will only get better. Hearing their laughter, seeing their precious smile, and watching as they grow and discover the world makes the all trials worthwhile.

Also, I highly recommend the epidural lol
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Oh man, I am so about that epidural. 
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Yah. I made the mistake of asking for it too late. I tellya, it's a pain no one can forget. Like someone is stepping down on you and won't take their foot off.
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I was fooled because (well one, I had seen my doctor THAT MORNING and NOTHING was happening, barely any dilation, baby hadn't dropped, water unbroken, etc.) I had the chance to do a bunch of shopping errands that day so I just assumed I was cramping from the exercise.  And then I thought it was just braxton hicks because I heard about those and hadn't had any yet.
I got to 9CM before we finally got to the hospital and I was like, yOU put thAT NEEDLE IN ME NOW.
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I went from 3 to 7 in the blink of an eye. I had never cried so much before.
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Oh jeeeeez ow ow owowow.  Why is everything about birth miraculous and horrifying at the same time?
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OMG I went through almost the exact same thing with my last pregnancy. Except my twin girls were 8 and in school, so all i had to do was make sure to get out of bed get them to school and for 8-9 months make sure that if I vomit it lands in the toilette.

I also had to put ALOT of things on hold, so I feel for you. I get it. I understand. But, it is nice to hear what has been going on, that alone is nice enough. But then you go and toss us a little treat into the mix with that gorgeous art work...pfff YAY!!!!!!!!

My little guy Sean-Patrick will be 2 in july, his twin sisters are going to be 10 this april. It gets easier I promise. And once they are in school, it's easier to set yourself some time aside. Although, that time seems far away, trust me when I say this, it's not. It'll go by in a flash. I'm so glad to hear that things are going great for you.

Please keep us updated, and if  you ever wana chat, mama stuff or art or dragon age, feel free to message me!
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OH man, getting two kids to school while feeling like that sounds so HARD.  That sounds hard to me right now!  But yeah, the break sounds sublime! 

Maybe I could make up for the time deficit by making smaller comics.  Shorter posts so there's something but not the pressure to draw a huge epic strip every time.  Who knows!  Maybe I'll just be excited to brush my hair and put on pants. Lol.  I'll probably be on DA maternity leave for a little while at least. 

I can't believe your baby is 2 already!  You just had newborn pictures!  And having 10 year olds sounds surreal.  But really fun at the same time.  I'm so in love with being able to talk with my girl more, I'm so excited for even better communication and better time together the older she gets.  

We need to start a DA mommy gamer group or blog or something.  Somewhere where you can post stuff like, "I cleaned up a major blowout and then I beat a dragon on hard.  Tell me I'm pretty."  Lol.
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HAHAHA You get my humor. We are a lot a like.

Yes he's two.  Ugh, went by so fast, I should post pics somewhere.

I really love your idea of smaller comics. I did a big hiatus when i was prego and then when I had the little man. Think it was a mistake, because it's not like riding a bike, your mind and hands forget how to do things with drawing.

We do need a group...or something lol. It would be fun!!

I know I have a few goals on my to do list I want done. #1 finish my dragon age story i've been writing forever. #2 finish the second one. #3 I would love to draw for both my stories, but that's pushing it lol.

I'm slowly making headway on #1.

It's good to have goals.
And wine.
Mostly wine LOL
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Congratulations to you and your husband on the baby! Having two little girls running about sounds like fun! :)

"Playing: Dragon Age Inquisition" Your daughter is SO gonna be a gamer! Let's hope the love of Dragon Age series transcends through the generations!
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I think at this point I have enough old consoles to keep a family with two kids busy if everyone turns out to be a gamer. Haha.  We might need more tv's at some point! 

I hope to even revisit some of my old pc games with her eventually!  They were so formative for me, and a lot of them were great learning tools but not in an obvious "this is a math game or this is a spelling game" way.  I still love them.  Hopefully the old graphics won't be too much of a turn off. :)
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Well, I still enjoy playing bare knuckle series from my childhood. ;)
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Ah congrats!! Sounds like your little'uns will be the same years apart as ours.. hehe busy times yes? :)  Glad you are finding time to keep up with the art!
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So busy!  I can't even imagine and I'm trying not to be too nervous.  It's one thing to adapt to one little ultra dependent bundle.  It's going to be something else to have a toddler learning to share me with a new ultra dependent (invader) bundle.  But my girl is very sweet, hopefully her nurturing side will win out. 
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Aw, it works out :) I had many an anxiety moment before #2 arrived about how it'd work with a toddler, but they mostly survived each other hehe.  2 boys here, 4 and 6 and some days I feel like we need to build a boxing ring for them, but they're adorable 
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Congrats on kid #2! Any names yet? I'm willing to donate one of mine. XD You could always hold a name contest if you need any help. =3

I'm so happy to hear you have such a supportive husband. It's so important! And your little one sounds like a typical 2-year-old. I can't believe it's been so long already. It just feels like you had her a little while ago.

Take care of yourself and art when you can. Otherwise don't forget to be awesome!
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Thank you!  We tentatively have a name we like a lot, but I'm giving it time to simmer because we thought we had NO names and then we both fell in love with a name and middle name super fast.  Haha, at least my husband and I seem to agree on girl names!  We're still keeping it a secret until she's born though, that's our big reveal. :)

And having a two year old is kind of crazy.  I am so grateful that my husband and I are a good team for this kind of thing.  The older she gets the more I realize how out of control things COULD be because she has a verryy strong personality.  Which, at the same time is so cool and she's just going to be an amazing person.  But civilizing the wild cave toddler at times requires a lot of patience and growth from me too. She is a sweetie though, I hope she loves her little sister and they don't drive each other too nuts. 

When I can't draw art, I can always art in other ways... like making the prettiest easter basket evaaaaar!  (did that last night while watching Hellraiser on Netflix. Lol.  I don't know how to theme my movie watching/project time.)
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First, congratulations on your pregnancy kid (I know you're older, but I call everyone "kid" or "Kiddo") and second, I really want to play Inquisition (I sound like a three year old I know). And as for your question, Me, Wolfie and Endra have been great. Well Wolfie has had it perfectly great, me I have been through hell and back. And Endra... poor kiddo has been in the gutter for a while... any who, yeah congratulations! And I really love your art, you're my biggest inspiration!- M.K. (Milo-Kade)
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Aw, thank you so much!  I hope I can draw enough to stay an inspiration. Haha.  I'm always inspired to do more when I know people actually pay attention, so thank you thank you!  You inspire me back!
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First off- congrats on the small human.
second- Wind chimes sound nice.
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I love my wind chimes!  I hope I can hang them over a backyard someday instead of my ultra tiny apartment porch!

And thank you, we are so curious to see how our new little human is different from the first one we made.
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