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This last year and a half really knocked me out of my art game.  Sometimes life gets richer and more complicated in good ways, but it doesn't mean they're not challenging too.  I'm trying to adapt to a life where a lot of the time I used to have is being parceled out differently.  There's also the emotional ups and downs of having a new baby... again!  (For anyone who has been following me for a while... bless your patience.... that's three now). All that to say, art took a backseat and parenting and house ownership and gardening filled up it's space.  As I'm writing this I'm thinking this would be better as a journal post.  I'll leave it here too and copy it for anyone looking for an update.  
I've always wanted to join in the inktober shenanigans but never had the confidence I could produce work quickly enough.  As I'm writing this I'm about four days behind, not counting the prompts I skipped, so maybe there was something to that concern.  But it's more drawing than I've done in a long time now so I'm so happy I'm trying.  
My kids and I played through the Kings Quest series this summer, and it inspired me to limit the scope of my submissions to just Sierra Game related drawings.  So if you're an old timer like me and you love those old parser games BUCKLE UP. 
This was for Day 2; Wisp.  My first and only thought was of the Will o' Wisps that inhabit the swamp near Mordavia.  If you're not familiar, they're childish and playful and you can use sweets from the shop in town to draw them to you.  Their light helps reveal some hidden things in the darker parts of the swamp... just try to remember to let them go again before daybreak. 
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Always nice to see QfG-related art, especially for SoD, around Halloween :D

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They're not just childish. They're the souls of dead children. And yeah, you better let them go before sunrise or you'll end up with zero honor.

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All true. I think I accidentally let them fizzle out in the bottle one time and immediately reloaded my game. I can't live with that on my conscience. T_T

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Oh hi! I'm so happy to see you back :la: It's funny, just yesterday I was finishing going through my watch list to find some artworks again, after my external hard drive passed away... and I was so sad to see that many super talented artists, including you, weren't active anymore ;w;

So welcome back, and good luck with all the parenting; we're happy to see your art, regardless of frequency :)

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Thank you! After being away for so long I wasn't sure anyone who started following me would be around anymore! It's so nice to hang with friendly DA peeps in the comments again. <3.

As always, your lovely comments make it so much more fun to share.

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The pleasure is mutual! :aww:

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wow, so happy to see so much beautiful artwork waiting for me when i logged in today. Gorgeous.

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Congratulations 👏 👏 and welcome back!
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