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Wings of Sarenrae

I love the huge difference in the story depending on their rolls.  Like, she could have literally tripped off this cliff and fallen face first into skeletons.  Instead she leaps out and giant holy wings carry her farther than she could have naturally jumped.  One of my favorite gasp out loud moments so far.
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#1 in Vox Machina is Pike, by far.
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I want to see more from her!  I'm still at their return to Vasselheim currently, I feel like every time she gets a chance to visit by Skype she never really gets to play very much.  Looking forward to when she gets a little more "screen time."
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so angelic...
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the fact that your back is awesome on its own but now your doing Critical Role fanart.... I feel like this is too good to be true. 
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I'm so relieved we have some fan crossover, :^__^. 

I'm posting stuff thinking all my DAO fans are gonna be like WHATS THIS NONSENSE
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oh I'm a super fan of the DAO stuff you have. but i adore the CR show. it's literally the only online show i go out of my way to catch live every thursday. its also the only one thats ever made me cry like a baby xD
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Oh man, I know I'm gonna do the same.  It's ridiculous.  Or like, when you're a nervous wreck staring at the screen and then you remember you're staring at a HAND DRAWN MAP AND PLASTIC TOYS.  I laughed so hard when Liam basically said the same thing during the K'varn fight.  It just shows how powerful good storytelling and imagination is.  Fantastic!!
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