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Pretty Bear

It's moments like this in the show that make me think a lot about the power of good story telling.  Sometimes I feel silly because I'll catch myself getting giddy or sad over something that's happening in the game, and then I remember none of it is REALLY happening.  But then, that's every book, movie, and game too right?  

So the moral of the story is that if I can fall in love with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy and I can also be gleeful when Vax ties bows on Trinket just for fun.  None of the characters are real but the emotions are. <3
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(still funny as hell)

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Where can I get a bear like that? :I
RanmaCMH's avatar
Apparently you have to be kidnapped by poachers and save the cub if I remember right.
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Awww, poor Trinket. But he's so cute now. And it was a good Vax/Keyleth bonding moment so I think Trinket will understand. ;)
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I think Trinket loves Vex, and Vex loves Vax, therefore Vax is part of the (checks google...) sleuth apparently.  That's actually terrifically appropriate for these three.
2324CRYSTAL's avatar
relaly good job on the bear. looks so fluffy but im not complaining!
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You captured this moment perfectly, and both hubby and daughter I showed loved it. Thank you for sharing this perfect moment
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Aww, that just makes me happy.  My daughter loves this picture too!
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Trinket is the prettiest bear.
RanmaCMH's avatar
Trinket is the best bear all around. <3
Fractaldragon's avatar
That's one rather put-upon bear. :)
RanmaCMH's avatar
So patient, so good.  Reminds me of my cat putting up with my daughters.
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This is adorable ❤
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Correction: This is critical role and I am now watching you! XD
TheDutchAbsolGaming's avatar
Reminds me of critical role
strawberrycattie's avatar
This is the cutest thing in the world!!!!!!
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The bear's expression is priceless XD
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