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Lady Briarwood

My attempt to capture Matt Mercer's sadistic Lady Briarwood as she watches Lord Briarwood descend on a helpless Vax.  

Really struggled with this pose.  One of those drawings that starts off loose and awesome and the more you try to tighten it up the more you kiillLLl it.  I think in the end it's not bad, but I really need to loosen up these sketching muscles.
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Wow, she looks spectacular. You really captured the cruel grace she displayed in the campaign :D
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Ooh, cruel grace is a such a great descriptor for her.  I just tried to keep Vax saying, "Gosh you guys are attractive," in my mind at all times. XD
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Thank you, I try ;). Heh, yes, that would be an excellent way to keep that image in mind.
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I love everything in this work! Is simply amazing!
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I think you did really well with the pose - that's where I personally struggle the most, and it's obvious from a glance that you have a lot of technical skill in that department. :happybounce: And the expression is excellent! Really nice job!!
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Thank you!  I really struggled with the arms.  I wanted both of them on that bed post but that second arm was just not working.  I had to compromise and change it to playing with her dress... which still works for the scene but I was so darn frustrated I couldn't do what I wanted!
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This looks really nice!
I like the Pose and the dress!
Very beautiful
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Why hello m’dear:). Marvelous drawing.
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Love it! The pose still look loose and dynamic to me :)
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Thank you!  I read stuff by Disney people like "Drawn to Life" (highly HIGHLY recommend) and I'm like, "Yeah!  I can do that!" But then sometimes you give it a go and end up all D:
But we are all our worst critics too, right?
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Oh, I will have to check that one out then!
Indeed, I know the feeling all too well :D Always great to find inspiration from others in those situations, thank you for posting this lovely artwork! :)
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