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Kings Quest IV - Rosella



Okay, I got distracted from my Dragon Age drawings pretty seriously by this piece.  Kings Quest IV was my very first computer game EVER.  It was actually a gift for my dad and I watched him play until I was able to figure out how to work it as well.  We originally played it on his old laptop, but couldn't win the game because we couldn't make it down the path from Lolotte's castle with the arrow keys (you had to double tap to start and stop and it was just too difficult!)  Eventualy we got our first "color" computer and mouse and finally won!

 It formed my hard core adventure game addiction at the tender age of about six or seven, and taught me to save early and save often.  It also taught me how important it is to learn to spell correctly (it's a parser game and every command has to be typed correctly or it won't work).  I spent hours playing this game, being terrified of the scary tree, that big ogre, and that terrifying random troll in the cave.  I love Rosella as an early female protagonist, and I much prefer the IV version to the KQVII version.  

I've been wanting to draw a tribute to her for a long time, but nothing was ever quite good enough.  And then this image suddenly popped into my head and it was all over. The inspiration for the style here is a mix of Alphonse Mucha and Alan Lee.  I'll be honest, I'm pretty happy with it.  

Hope the very tiny Kings Quest fandom enjoys it as much as I do. 

EDIT:  I completely forgot to credit the stock I used for that horse.  This is one of Venomxbaby's beauties.
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