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Inktober day 3: Bulky 

That's a lot of inventory Rosella. 
I love the inherent silliness of how large an RPG inventory can become.  Even WITH weight limits (Skyrim).  You're really carrying thirty wheels of cheese on your person?  I can't even carry a jug of milk and two boxes of cereal at the store. No worries about weight limits in ye olde Sierra games though.  PICK UP EVERYTHING THAT ISN'T NAILED DOWN is like an old testament commandment for old PC adventure games.  And I LOVE it. 
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Don't ask where it all "fits"....

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I mean, I know right? Haha. I've been playing The Witcher III these past few months, and the weight limit system is pretty much the same as in Skyrim. You can carry as much as you want, but once over-encumbered you can't run anymore... but you can still jump around, roll, dodge and fight like the agile witcher you are. Sometimes I would have about 20 scavenged swords, axes and maces and stubbornly carry them around until I could sell them.

And even now at level 50+, I still keep emptying every single barrel and crate for petty crafting materials, despite how wealthy and well-equipped I am. Force of habit. xD

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I forgot Witcher III had the weight limit XD. It hasn't been that long since I played but it's been like the longest two years ever.

The most confusing transition/learning curve moment for me was playing Oblivion for the very first time on a friend's console. (Back in...2007??) I was like... I can pick... everything up? Take... fork? And broom? And... all the food? There's items on the people too???? So of course I immediately had a bounty on my head for stealing , well, everything.

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I feel you there. I think I had this sorta "transition" with Fable II myself; the very first two games I played were Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Beyond Good & Evil, where you don't have so many items to collect. And then with Fable, I was like "oooh, there's a carrot in that cupboard! and I can EAT THE CARROT :la: "...

... and there went all the things, carrots and otherwise. :XD:

But I still didn't steal so much, because I need validation even from NPCs in virtual worlds --'

That changed with Skyrim, though. Mostly because I love playing the stealthy archer type. ^^

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Telki has dimensional chest. Telki carries everything. And this is flipping adorable. I love it.

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Get her a Bag of Holding!

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