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Don't mess... with a Princess. by Ranma-Trekkie Don't mess... with a Princess. :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 1 0 Geeks in Love by Ranma-Trekkie Geeks in Love :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 1 7
Captain Aurelia Sinn
Race: Human
Home Planet: Halmad
Allegiance: Rebellion
Rank: Captain
Name: Aurelia Sinn
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Physical Description: 5' 10" Tall, long ebony hair that just reaches her waist, slender, fit, very beautiful with a certain amused and knowing twinkle in her eye at times, when angered or in combat she can appear hard or emotionless, and though she isn't overly flirtatious, she can appear quite sexy when she chooses, her eyes are amber brown, and she often wears a leather flight jacket off duty, she can be a bit of a 'country girl' in appearance and manner at times, but it is mixed with the roughness of her street years and time in the Rebellion
Combat Training: Expert Fighter Pilot, Average Small Arms, Average Hand to Hand
Special Skills: Street Smart, Good Actor, Good Singer
Weaknesses: Easily angered by men, secretly flirtatious and prone to crushes, though she tries to hide and denies all three, stubborn, holds a grudge, hates to sing in public
Studied Interests: Expert Bot
:iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 0 0
Salvation's Stand by Ranma-Trekkie Salvation's Stand :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 1 3 Specter of the Wraith by Ranma-Trekkie Specter of the Wraith :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 0 0
Love, Call Me Crazy
Call me Crazy
Your hair.
Your heart.
Your breath.
It has no name.
I cannot call it.
I wonder when I'll wake.
You are away.
Not dulled nor faded.
Pulled taught, defined.
Sharp through me.
I feel you missing.
Even if you're here.
Doubled lighter.
Like breathing water.
Like swimming air.
It's right, it's wrong.
I run, I freeze.
I'm swept away.
Real, not dreaming.
This something.
In you, around you, throughout you.
Reality, this something.
It drives my heart.
Marks that you exist.
:iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 1 2
Rogue Nine, Corran Horn by Ranma-Trekkie Rogue Nine, Corran Horn :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 0 7
On the line
I've been on the front line a little too long.
I've been on the front line, since the son's gone up.
I've seen the war first hand, the blood, the bombs, the battles.
I've fought, and fought, and fought again.
I've given my life, my spirit, my men.
I've fought, and stood, again and again.
Knocked down, knocked out, kicked, and cut, and bled.
I've fought, and given, and spent.
All my effort, all my soul, all my will.
I've fired till the guns ran dry.
I've grappled, and grasped.
Struggled to stand, struggled to breathe.
I've stayed in the battle, I've stood the ground.
I've lost my footing, and gained it back again.
I've taken the field, and lost it over.
My will is worn, my spirit tired, my body weak.
I'm beaten, bloody, and bruised.
But my General stands at the head of the column.
He has lead our assault, he was with us in every charge.
Today he calls the roll.
Some are missing, some have fallen.
Though not all return from the fighting, our numbers remain strong.
As the relief comes for
:iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 0 0
At Mission's End by Ranma-Trekkie At Mission's End :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 5 6 'Wild Horse' Ranma Tribute Lightsaber by Ranma-Trekkie 'Wild Horse' Ranma Tribute Lightsaber :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 5 4 Ranma Ryoga Halloween Battle by Ranma-Trekkie Ranma Ryoga Halloween Battle :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 4 0 Ranma and Ryoga Throne Room by Ranma-Trekkie Ranma and Ryoga Throne Room :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 1 0 Ryoga's Revenge by Ranma-Trekkie Ryoga's Revenge :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 1 4 Ranma and Ryoga Suckerpunch by Ranma-Trekkie Ranma and Ryoga Suckerpunch :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 1 0 Ranma and Ryoga Camping by Ranma-Trekkie Ranma and Ryoga Camping :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 3 7 Training Journey by Ranma-Trekkie Training Journey :iconranma-trekkie:Ranma-Trekkie 1 0


Akane Icon and Cursor (Ranma 1/2) by MikariStar Akane Icon and Cursor (Ranma 1/2) :iconmikaristar:MikariStar 15 0 luke skywalker yellow jacket by DC-Miller luke skywalker yellow jacket :icondc-miller:DC-Miller 406 65 han solo by DC-Miller han solo :icondc-miller:DC-Miller 425 44 Clone Wars set by Ticiano Clone Wars set :iconticiano:Ticiano 178 37 Ranma Trek NT by zxif1 Ranma Trek NT :iconzxif1:zxif1 11 1 Lego Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-A 2 by ENT2PRI9SE Lego Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-A 2 :iconent2pri9se:ENT2PRI9SE 12 0 Obi-Wan Kenobi by swfan444 Obi-Wan Kenobi :iconswfan444:swfan444 104 54 Mirror Spock Demotivational by DragonQueenRachel Mirror Spock Demotivational :icondragonqueenrachel:DragonQueenRachel 5 2 AT-ATs on Hoth Sketchcard commission by TolZsolt AT-ATs on Hoth Sketchcard commission :icontolzsolt:TolZsolt 74 23 Luke - ANH sketch card commission by TolZsolt Luke - ANH sketch card commission :icontolzsolt:TolZsolt 51 10 Markers - May the Fourth be with you! by TolZsolt Markers - May the Fourth be with you! :icontolzsolt:TolZsolt 48 10 X-men Wolverine Sketch card by TolZsolt X-men Wolverine Sketch card :icontolzsolt:TolZsolt 47 7 Cantina Band Flyer Sketch Card by TolZsolt Cantina Band Flyer Sketch Card :icontolzsolt:TolZsolt 35 11 X-Men Kitty Pride - Shadowcat Sketch Card by TolZsolt X-Men Kitty Pride - Shadowcat Sketch Card :icontolzsolt:TolZsolt 56 19 Happy Memories - ReDone by CassyG Happy Memories - ReDone :iconcassyg:CassyG 111 23 Green Hornet and Kado 2 by outlaw49 Green Hornet and Kado 2 :iconoutlaw49:outlaw49 1 0



I told you all to educate yourselves on SOPA last time. Now, thanks to :iconzippo360: ,   I provide you with this… to a petition to STOP this (IMHO) complete insanity! If you feel as I do about this bill, click the link and sign the petition! (of course, read up on SOPA before hand if you haven't) SAVE THE INTERNET!

That is all. :)


United States
Okay, let's see... about me? Well, my name's Jon, but you can just call me Trekkie. Or RT. Everyone else does. I joined Deviantart, well, to put up art, I guess. Couple months ago I dusted off the last remnants of my old art stuff and tried to make a temporary avatar for a Star Trek RP character, as a placeholder till my more artistically inclined friend had time to make me a good one. Low and behold, I found I had fun making it, and had to go back and try another. One thing led to another, so now I'm here doing fanart, regular art, fanfic, and who knows what else next...

Oh, and if you couldn't tell: I'm a total Star Trek nut. I also have equal love of Star Wars, and am stuck on the anime Ranma 1/2. Seriously, you have no idea how far I take these... (Checking my gallery might give you an idea though XD)

Finally, I would like to throw it out there that if anyone would like to use my stuff for anything: It's cool! So long as I have it set to be available for download, you can use it. All I ask is that if ya put it in a video or on a site, let me know so I can go look at it! lol I'm curious how people would use my stuff. If anything isn't set to be open for download and you want to use it, message me and we'll work it out.


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LovelyLadyGray Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
Happy Birthday, Jon.  Hope you had a fun day. :nod: :cake:
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I'm actually working on a ranma story
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Happy birthday to a new friend, and to a fellow Ranma 1/2 fan.  I hope you have a fun day, Jon. ^^
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hey whats up bro...

hows life man?

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Haha check this out! *keeps finding things to show you lolz*


Maybe I can make one for you someday when I get into amigurumi dolls lol. Maybe I can make one of Sid and/ or M'sha to go with it! ^^ I love youuuu!!!!
Haruka--chan Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude I saw this and thought you might like it!!!!!!!



The guy's name is so random if you look at it lola
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Happy belated birthday! :dance: :party:
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