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do things. act now.

No more protrastinating.
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The proctrastinating one just needed that caption, then I realised it would work well as a DeviantID... and from there I decided it was a good style for it, but not what most people seem to do. You're right, [did that work?] needs one, although that's a bit harder - I'll ponder on that.
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ahh, i see. very cool. you seem to be good at these DeviantIDs, perhaps you could make a cool one for the rhulmanga site.
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I was on my way to London, got my camera out to look at something and then dropped it. I took this shot to make sure it still worked! As for shaving, this picture pre-dates beard-growth.

The no-proctrastination (different every time someone spells it!) thing is much more general than summer... it's my new plan for life!
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by the way, where were you going on the train when you took that picture? London? Staines? also, you've shaved!
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that's right! now that summer here, no need to protrastinate. well, you have a PhD, but beyond that... who knows.