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Mouse-assisted Tea Maker

Inspired by the success of my 'mouse-operated swordfighting puzzle', I entered the PG Tips 'invent a Cuppa contraption' competition with this. Top prize was £10,000, with 50 runners up getting DVDs. I got nothing! I thought it was a pretty good cuppa contraption myself, but I guess they were actually more after proper 'inventions'. Oh well, it was fun to design and draw it anyway!

(I really wanted to put this in the 'technical drawings' section, since that's a much better fit than just 'miscellaneous', but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fit in with the other stuff there, and also used a lot of Photoshop colouring and typesetting so probably isn't allowed on that count).
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MAN. I had to do something like that in elementary school artclass.... I think I did a homework answering machine.
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So you did it in the class rather than homework? Dang, so close to a crazy self-referential loop. Designing a homework answering machine as an answer to some homework would have been so awesome you could put it on your CV!
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Field trials suggest that even with a fully trained mouse, resetting the contraption to make a new cup of tea takes between 3 and 7 times the amount of time it takes to make a cup of tea manually. This unfortunate flaw in the design renders it somewhat unmarketable, and as such I am not seeking any kind of patent.
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are you getting that patend?