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Millia's self-care hair v2

I figured Millia's hair could take care of itself, and that would be a pretty cool thing to draw. This is my first proper attempt at digital colouring - I just took the colours directly from original sprite, which kind of feels like cheating, but it seems crazy to do otherwise somehow. I might get more adventurous with palette and technique as I do more coloured stuff.

This is also my entry for 's current competition.
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And pretty cool it is!
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wow that just amazing
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(sneaks in and puts chloroform conditioner in her hair brush)
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This is glorious!
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that is so supper dupper cool!
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I think the way this is thought out is amongst it's most impressive feature. The composition is good and using her hair to make the chair was also an excellent idea.

It is always had to think and have ideas before drawing. Afterwards, its easy, but then its often too late!
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gahh!! does no one use pencils anymore?
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I asked my dad about a better way to make the lines show up with photoshop (pretty lucky for me he's a graphic designer - for those interested, the method was: select by colour, select black with fuzziness 200, create new layer, fill selection with black -> instant correct antialiasing over all colours!), so I updated the pic to incorporate that. But that stops the thumbnail from working?! Wargh!
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Thanks people! :D

The shading style is taken pretty much straight from the sprites. Using a crazy high resolution and photoshop's shift-click system to draw a line I was able to draw each shaded shape pretty well despite using a mouse >.< Hopefully when I get a tablet the whole process will be easier.
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XDDD woot!
i luv the pic!!
the chair reminds me of Robo-Ky's instant kill.
keep up teh awesome work.
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that is very cool. i'm not sure if i have ever seen it fully coloured, but it looks great. good job on all the shading, especially on the clothing. how did you do the shading so well?
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Very cool. The clothes are really good.
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