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FF VII: Before Christmas

By ranma-tim
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(Sigh - the fact that this is just a modification of copyrighted work means it can't be a 'deviation' proper. But I poured my soul into it, man!)

This is my christmassy modification to that beautifully executed 'Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis' image that's all over the place. It was meant to be a simple "add hats, change background" thing for my version of a christmas e-card, but I got a bit carried away.

Full list of changes:
-Changed outfits to more christmassy colours
-Put Sephiroth in a Santa outfit
-Added santa hats
-Changed background, added snow in bg and fg
-Changed batons into candy sticks
-Changed pistols into waterpistols! (kind of)
-Changed rifley weapons into presents
-Added mistletoe to Seph's big sword to make it more friendly looking
-Added modified version of the Advent Children logo (since the lettering 'Before Christmas' fit that a lot better than the actual 'Before Crisis' logo)

All characters and FF type malarkey are totally the property of Square Enix, and all that.
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© 2005 - 2021 ranma-tim
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moombas-luv-me's avatar
O,O is it just me or did anyone else look at this pic and immediately think Organization 13
KitaraStrife's avatar
:rofl: I saw Seph and I immediately busted out laughing! :lmao: GREAT JOB!!

I wonder what Tseng's saying? "Yes. Mm-hmm. I have to go, we need to give orphans presents. ...Yes, I'll be home for christmas snuggles, Rufus. I love you, too." perhaps? XDD
InsanityBunneh's avatar
now that's brilliant :D
rctdelta20's avatar
bigartiste's avatar
Aww... Happy Christmass FF VII-guys! XD
shinraismybro's avatar
photoshop? i love it!! lol
AniDarkling's avatar
Oh, haha, that's very awesome. Very creative! Love it ;p
ranma-tim's avatar
It's great to see this coming back into season and people enjoying it!

Anyone can snag this as a wallpaper, you don't need to ask. The hats did present an interesting challenge that I hadn't anticipated when I first had the idea. I toyed with the idea that they would flatten their hair a bit before donning the hats, but that just felt wrong. Just look at those spikes! The hats didn't stand a chance.
hahaha whoa!
this is pretty freaking sweet, i love it!
you certainly did pour your heart and soul into it. cuz it shows ^_^
nice work. early merry christmas to ya.
broken0dream's avatar
Hahah! Cloud and Zack's hats!! XD
drakonlily's avatar
Cloud and Zax's hats are love. You do not know me, but this rules. Can I snag it for my wallpaper?
stormus's avatar
This is ace! Loving Reno especially! :+fav:
yllianos's avatar
wow, this is really good :thumbsup:
Flaming-Manakin's avatar
Thats fantastic. I especially like Sephiroth with the father-christmas outfit- although I'm not sure I'd want him coming down my chimney!!!
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