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FF VII: Before Christmas



(Sigh - the fact that this is just a modification of copyrighted work means it can't be a 'deviation' proper. But I poured my soul into it, man!)

This is my christmassy modification to that beautifully executed 'Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis' image that's all over the place. It was meant to be a simple "add hats, change background" thing for my version of a christmas e-card, but I got a bit carried away.

Full list of changes:
-Changed outfits to more christmassy colours
-Put Sephiroth in a Santa outfit
-Added santa hats
-Changed background, added snow in bg and fg
-Changed batons into candy sticks
-Changed pistols into waterpistols! (kind of)
-Changed rifley weapons into presents
-Added mistletoe to Seph's big sword to make it more friendly looking
-Added modified version of the Advent Children logo (since the lettering 'Before Christmas' fit that a lot better than the actual 'Before Crisis' logo)

All characters and FF type malarkey are totally the property of Square Enix, and all that.
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