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Devil-form Ulala

So, in Devil May Cry after going through some kind of trial with a Devil Arm, Dante can take on a Devil Form. Meanwhile, Ulala is a Space Reporter working for Space Channel 5, in Space, saving the universe by dancing.

So what would happen if Dante and Ulala swapped souls, and then Ulala in Dante's body devil-triggered with Alastor? This is not a question people tend to ask very often, to be honest, but I ended up having to find an answer for my Devil May Cry / Space Channel 5 crossover doujinshi, Devil May Dance:

Some notes on the design:

-The basic collision is Ulala in her standard outfit + the Dante/Alastor devil-form

-The actual design of the latter goes for the 'realistic' option of having the wings joined on to the arms. But when I'm crossing a space reporter with a devil I think I can let some realism go if I want.

-There's a 6 burned into her chest because (in the doujinshi) she works for Space Channel 6

-No high heels. This always bugs me when it comes up in the devilish female archetype - I'm thinking of Morrigan, Angelina Jolie as Grendel's mum, Bayonetta, and a million D-list others. The act of wearing high heels is an attempt to appeal to others at the expense of practicality - these characters shouldn't give a frick about that.
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Why space channel 6?
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In the doujinshi, the games Space Channel 5 and Devil May Cry turn out to be simulations inserted into our universe by the bad guys to find out how well their evil schemes would work - in their world, it's actually Space Channel 6, and Dante's business is called Devil May Dance.

'Six' also has more devlish connotations than 'five'!
I Bet Dante Did Not Ask For This
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Devil May Dance.
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Yeah but Bayonetta has guns on her heels so she needs some kind of elevation =/
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Indeed - in fact, having seen more of Bayonetta now I would say that not only does the fantastically silly idea of gun heels compensate somewhat, but it also does seem to be in keeping with everything else about her. So scratch Bayonetta from that list!
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Wonderful job on this!
(This is Darian by the way!)
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Thanks - nice avatar you got there, too!
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It's my favorite avatar of them all.
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Good call on the heels.
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Wow. Awesome job on this. :aww:
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