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Belle the sorceress

By ranma-tim
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This may become part of a whole series based around the same theme. I was pondering the standard female characters in myth (and Disney movies), which by one count number three: the maid/princess, the mother/queen, and the crone/sorceress. Characters tend to stay in these roles, although by the end of the story you usually have the first step in a journey from maid to mother.

But those crone/sorceresses have to come from somewhere! Traditionally I suppose they are a further possible development from the mother/queen stage, but I found the idea of a transition straight from princess to sorceress a really fascinating idea.

Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' just leapt to mind as the most obvious candidate. I have ideas in mind for Jasmine (Aladdin) and Aerial (the Little Mermaid) that I may draw later.

So, in this version of the story, things turn out a little differently. Belle already has a castle full of non-human minions and a great big scary monster at her command. As the townspeople come to 'kill the beast!', she finds a book of magic in the castle's great library. In defending her new home, she will have to kill or be killed... and thus take the first steps towards becoming a fully fledged sorceress.

Merry Christmas!
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This...this is amazing...! :iconcute-plz:
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Very interesting concept and impressive picture, but she still looks sweet and innocent to me :p
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Fascinating idea. It would make a great story.
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Belle would make an excellent sorceress.
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Oh, i want see it story in Kingdom-Hearts-3!!!
This is an awesome idea. And a very nice piece of work to go with it!
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this is a great idea, lovelly work!
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This is a very cool concept, and one thats totally believable, just look at the enormous number of books in the castle's library, and there just might be a book on sorcery that Belle would have stumbled across. Very interesting though slightly macabre sounding twist to the tale... :)

I love the way you drew Belle in here, her facial expression and pose tells a lot, you can really sense her apprehensive feelings in her face. And the red "evil" eyes of the castle objects and Beast behind her. Wonderful work.
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Interesting, very interesting. Is beast still good though? I look forward to seeing your other ideas.
Diz-Girl's avatar
Very Cool and yet scary... Poor BeasT I love Beast I love Belle when shes nice... *laughs* I love the red eyes and everything Great JOb
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Thanks for the comments!

Good call on the Gargoyles thing, I'd totally forgotten about those guys.

And Aerial the Little Mermaid ... yeah, with that mispelling it conjurs quite a different image!
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Interesting. (p.s. it's Ariel, not Aerial) :-)
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It's an interesting idea, reminds me of the Disney television series Gargoyles. I like Belle's expression. I like her outfit too, the pink dress and red and white fur cloak for winter is perfect. I like how menacing the silhouette furniture's glowing red eyes look. It's a bit scary....interesting story plot twist idea.
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wow! beautifuuul
Marius-Creb's avatar
This looks amazing
NovellineArt's avatar
wow, i never really thought about it that way. but thats a real creepy (and creative) spin on the story. its very well drawn too!
Disney-bubbles's avatar
this is very cool, I love the idea you put into this illustration. and you drew it INCREDIBLY well. I really like belle's face, and I love how you put figures of the servants and beast in shadows behind her... it's SO interesting ^^
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Ooh, the whole 'mad scientist' thing is actually a really good point - thinking about it, the archetypes of the evil sorceress and the mad scientist are incredibly similar. It's been so long since I saw Beauty and the Beast (I would have bought the DVD to help with this had it been available for a sensible price) that I'd forgotten about her crazy dad.

As for the choice of outfit, I felt that the blue dress and the ball gown were over-represented, and also the whole feel that I had in mind was this wintery scene, so the choice of the winter outfit was quite natural. I also saw in the Disney store that they were promoting items with a kind of winter-themed Belle, except that it was her in the ball gown with the red fur-lined hoodiecloak on top. That's just silly!
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Hmmn, I like it! Its interesting how you opted against using her blue village dress or even her ballgown.

I love the desperation in her eyes and the relatively "evil" background whereas Belle herself doesn't look at all evil - just scared and desperate. I'm just imagining what comes directly after this (possibly a massive blast of energy at the townsfolk) and her freaking out a bit once the fight is over about having to kill her fellow townsfolk.
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Yep, that's exactly it! It's all about that transitional moment and what comes after.

I have to admit that for the expression I was studying Hyung Tae-Kim's superb 'Adora' image - I'm definitely falling far short of that, but I hope to have caught something of the ambiguity in it, the strange combination of surprise and desperation, with just the tiniest hint of excitement lurking in there.

Er, darn - now I look at it again I really haven't got all those. But it still kind of works!
It's Belle, though. I think if she was left to her own devices, she would wind up being a mad scientist. ^^;

So, yeah, she totally would be freaking out, and then become fully-fledged because she would then start looking through the book thinking "Okay, what does THIS do?"
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