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I grew a beard to see what it looked like. It was pretty interesting, especially because of the way people interacted with me - they tended to treat my like I was an adult or something! The difference was subtle, but noticeable and really quite weird.

Although I quite liked the way the beard came out (doing the line-down-the-jaw thing without prompting), in the end I decided it wasn't really an honest representation of me, so shaved it off. But I got my dad to take a photo at each stage as I did so, in order to create this animation. Waha!

Note, on some monitors the contrast of the image isn't very good so you can't make out the beard against the shadow of my chin. But on my monitor it looks fine, so I can't really correct for it. One day when I get my monitor calibrated, if I then get that problem I can correct it, and if I still don't then I can just blame other people for not calibrating their own monitors. :p
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yeah, i notice how if i grow a beard (or slight stuble) i look more unkept, but somehow look and feel more adult. it's weird.