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5 cuties

(Actually did a proper screenshot this time instead of just uploading the wallpaper - feels more authentic!)

These are a few images I'd stumbled upon that I recently kept wanting to look at again and again. Answer: make them into a desktop!

Left to right: The Bride-neko, Tsukasa Nambu, ninja girl from somone on DA... (now I can't find the original, gah, sorry!), Natalie Portman as Amidala, Major Kusanagi.
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ahh, i feel honoured that i gave you two of those pictures. still, great job on making that, i can never do all that cool overlaying stuff, especially with MS Paint, lol. perhaps we should pay you to make us all cool wallpapers.
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Bwaha, the link was foiled by having a smiley sticking out his tongue! So now I will experiment with href tags instead:

d_ka_9/202-1960644-3298231" Elements2.0 on Amazon
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Yep, in fact I'm still working my way through the images I got from you having a good look at them all! I used to spend ages cutting out the edges of people, until just recently when ~Mokigoeth showed me the 'magnetic lasso' tool in photoshop elements. You just move your cursor roughly around the edge of something and it automatically sees what you're getting at and puts the line there!! You can get elements 2.0 for like £20 these days, it's well worth it::[link]=pd_ka_9/202-1960644-3298231