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The Skating Dress - Part 2
The Skating Dress
Part Two
by Lost Neo
My Mom smiled and went and gave my Dad a big hug and kiss.
"Rebecca, come and give your Dad a hug; he missed you lots," my Mom said waving me over.
I blinked at being called a girl's name. I went over to my Dad shyly.
"You look very pretty Rebecca," my Dad said, picking me up and giving me a hug.
"Um Thanks Dad," I said hugging him back.
"I stopped by your Aunt Cindy's place and picked up some clothes for you since Alyssa out grew them," My Dad said pointing at the bags by the couch.
"Um thanks Dad," I said a bit shyly.
"You don't have to be shy with me Rebecca," My Dad said starting to tickle my feet.
I squirmed and laughed; wearing tights seemed to make the ticking worse.
"Please stop Dad," I said still squirming
"Only if you call me Daddy from now on," he said still tickling me.
"Okay! I will Daddy," I said, smiling at him.
My Mom looked at us and smiled. "Come you two; it's time for dinner".
My Dad carried
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The Skating Dress
The Skating Dress
by LostNeo
It was the day before Halloween and I was hanging out with my best friend Bryan playing Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Wii.  My Mom was out shopping for food and my Halloween Costume.  I was due for a hair cut but my Mom was always busy working and with my Dad being Truck driver she didn't seem to have time.
"So what costume do you think your Mom will get you Cody?" Bryan asked me.
"I hoping she'll get me a Super-Hero costume or something cool,"I said.
"Yeah, that would be great.  Maybe we can get pics in our costumes," Bryan said smiling at me.
"What's your costume?" I asked him.
"Um I'm not sure I'll probably go as a hobo or something," he said.
"Well you better hurry up and think of what to wear. Halloween is tomorrow," I said, shaking my head at him.
"Yeah yeah I know!" Bryan said.
There was a knock on Bryan's bedroom door.
"Cody? Your Mom is on the phone.  She wants to talk to you," Bryan's Mom said.
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The Day We Became Girls 4
The Day We Became Girls 4
by LostNeo
Chapter four
After having an okay Day at School all I wanted to do on my March break was sit around and play my X-Box.I opened the door and went inside and looked around then blinked. My Sister Tammy was on the couch wearing a Leo cuddling with my Mom.

“Hi Nick how was School?” My Mom asked looking over at me.
I took off my shoes and Jacket thinking maybe I can get upstairs and not have to answer any questions about last night.
“Um it was fine I guess I just  want to relax and play my X-box for awhile now” I said in a bit of a rush heading for the stairs.
“It's ok Nick Miss Conner told me about last night I’m not mad at all I always wanted to have to pretty daughters.” She said smiling at me.
She whispers to Tammy looking over at me they both were smiling at me I had a feeling somethi
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The Day We Became Girls 3
The Day We Became Girls
by LostNeo
Chapter Three
I woke up early Alison was still holding me close I watched her sleep for a bit then kissed her softly. She woke up and smiled at me.
“Morning Nicole did you have a good sleep?” she asked me smiling at me
“Yes I did cuddling with you all night. I think the pill’s effect wore off” I said still unsure if I wanted to be Nicole again.
“Thank you I loved having a girl friend I’ll put some leos and pills in your back pack just in case you want to be Nicole again okay?” Alison said cuddling me.
“ Okay I had fun being your girl friend and nightgowns and tights are comfy to wear. ”  I said smiling at her.
Alison pulls me close and kisses me softly “we should get you back to looking like Nick for school”
I nodded and sat up on the bed. I looked down at my Body and smiled a little thinking I’m going to miss wearing a nightgown and tights. I thought to myself  th
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The Day We Became Girls 2
The Day We Became Girls
by LostNeo
Chapter Two
Miss Conner looked at us, “You girls look really cute in your Leos, I should get the camera and take some pictures.” she said smiling at us.
I looked at her then at Alison still unsure what to say. Alison smiled at me then hugged me close, “Its ok Nicole I called Mom while you were in the tub and told her what was going on, She’s happy you like being a girl just relax.” Alison smiles at me.
Tammy ran over to Miss Conner and gave her a big hug and smiled up at her.
“Your to adorable, Tammy and Nicole. I’m not mad that your both girls now, just enjoy being girls.” she hugged Tammy back, then takes the pizza and movies and puts them on the table,” Come and eat, girls I got us movies to watch,too.”
I took a deep breath to relax. I was starting to like being a girl and wearing Leotards or maybe it was the pill affecting me, I wasn’t sure. I saw that my sister Tammy was enjoying i
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The Day We Became Girls 1
The Day We Became Girls
by LostNeo
Chapter One
My Brother Tommy and I headed over to my Girlfriends to stay the night, since my Mom was working late at the hospital. My Mom and my girlfriend's Mom are good friends and felt better having us stay over.
I was looking forward to spending the night with my Alison. She always wore leotards since she was a gymnast, and she was really cute and sweet.
I'm still not sure how I ended up with a nice girl like her. I had long hair and I was skinny, with not a lot of muscle to me. My brother, Tommy, had long hair like me too. I think he was following in my foot steps. He was only 8, and I looked out for him a lot.
We walked up to my girlfriend's place and knocked on the door. They were well off her, since her Dad was a lawyer, and her Mom was an inventor. I was always treated like part of the family when I was there. The door opened and there was Alison in a cute, black and silver leotard. I smiled
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Emmi's Beach Party - Weighty Days
Ashley was walking across the beach, she was currently on a much needed vacation. The young woman worked in a dull office building where she usually sat in meeting after meeting, droning over nonsense.
Shaking her head a bit, she cleared her head of any thoughts about work. She’s on vacation, that’s what she needs to be focused on! While traversing the beach, she came across a bunch of dumbbells just sitting in the sand.
She was aware that muscle-heads (as she called them) were usually seen at the beach working out and showing off their big muscular body. It just seemed odd that this one looked buried in the sand, as if it was waiting for someone to find.
Ashley brushed off the sand and noticed there was a combined weight of about 200 pounds between the plates. “There’s no way I’m gonna be able to move this…” she thought, running her hand over the metal bar. A small tingle could be felt through her hand, but it wasn’t enough to concern he
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