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Some amazing artworks 2...

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 8, 2015, 1:12 PM

I want to present to you some great works I spotted recently, along with my new work.

Before that, here is one amazing work - DD suggested by me. :love:

An Autumn Afternoon by eddiecalz


Award of Excellence by KmyGraphic

Open your eyes by CindysArt

Queen of Bird by JennyLe88
The buyer of the soul by Vladlena111

Birds of paradise by Dferous

attack by IrKos

My reality. by IgnisFatuusII

shall we dance?!! by shiny-shadows-Art
Nature Trail by gandolf67
village by Makusheva
White Queen by AndyGarcia666

Spiritual Archives II by Karezoid

Realm Of Trees by Paulo-Bert

Hidden thoughts by Alshain4

an internal ink spot by sparkbearer


Unchained by dresew


Award of Excellence by KmyGraphic

ataxia. by cristina-otero

Black Madonna by la-monalisa

Un trou by rdalpes

...hallstatt VII... by roblfc1892

Gold Gate by Draken413o

Together against it all... by borda

My An by duongquocdinh


Award of Excellence by KmyGraphic

909 by Dawgit

Fly Like an Anvil by 2BORN02B

Embellished Illustration by InfiniteIterations

Alleluia by maya49m
Them changes by Joe-Maccer
Delta Division by SuicideBySafetyPin

Ice Age by tatasz

200115 by Pasternak
autumn colors by M-i-t-c-h-e-l

My latest work Deviation love 

Moon Temple by RankaStevic

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck

Some amazing artworks...

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2015, 8:43 AM
I want to present you some great artworks that caught my eye in past few months.

First of all is amazing work by FlewDesigns  I've suggested for DD.

I suggest DD's from time to time, but this is the first one that is accepted, and I'm kind of proud on that. :love:

Life's Path by FlewDesigns

And now, some amazing works and artists which are my endless source of inspiration, and I think they deserve your attention.

Award of Excellence by KmyGraphic


Mermaid by shiny-shadows-ArtThe Crimson Tale Of Woods by DarkCrea
Selektion by lenyca
snail house by Lubov2001
Vampira. Return by Incantata
Freedom - The Carousel 2 by annewipf
Sisters Of Night by Madink2000
Oceanus Vs Poseidon by BenjaminHaley
The horsemen of the Apocalypse by itsbxd

Together for all eternity by Ellysiumn'The Catcher In The Rye' Wallpaper by 1simplemanips1
Shine on me by LevanaTempest
year of the Goat by Vladlena111

Nightwalker by MadameThenadier
Hanging On by djz0mb13

SHADOW ALLEY by Gwyneeth
I like your dolls ... by Flobelebelebobele

Wait a minute! by cornacchia-art
The Explorer by ElenaDudina
Never Forever by ED-Creations

The Lost Temple - collaboration by neverdying

Mother of Dragons by kuschelirmel

Guardian by EstherPuche-Art
Dream Big 3 : Land of the Lost Dream by Antoshines

Child of The Earth by Wesley-Souza

Spirit Warrior by Whendell
Vlada by Helga-Helleborus

.:Lover's Revenge:. by SummerDreams-Art
Le Cabinet de Curiosites - La Dame de Pierre by AlexandraVBach
Atonement by alnour
Mantra immortality by saritaangel07
The Monarch Butterfly by mimikascraftroom
Let's Go Somewhere by ennovus
Black Bird's Nightfall by nina-Y

Award of Excellence by KmyGraphic

Traditional art

Remenants by SandraPelly

Poppies on a decline by hitforsa
Ingathering by VitUrzh
Dream of Ship by Kutty-Sark
Mountain morning by rougealizarine
Wide world by bohomaz13
50 Shades of Passion - oil painting by borda

Award of Excellence by KmyGraphic

Digital art

All the Worlds to See by juliedillon
Wonder by iya-chen
Indefinable Forest Light by JacqChristiaan
Landscape by anna-lakisova

The Forgotten Tale of Larsa (2) by escume

Floaters of an alien world by Vladinakova

And now a little bit of shameless self-promotion. :giggle: 

 My latest work:

Make a wish... by RankaStevic

Check out these two very cool contests:

Hello members,
I hope you are doing alright!!
I have opened a special folder called "SHOW ME YOUR BEST"
I am sure you all made very creative work this year and a lot of them are problably submitted in one or more groups  here on DA.
This is a easy contest, because you do not have to make something for it!! Just submit (what you think) your best piece of artwork is, into this folder
as a entry.
* your work has been made this year 2014
* you can only submit 1 of your artworks.
* you have to be a member of this group.
We will choose 5 artworks by vote and every winning entry will receive 100 points!!
I hope you all want to particapate in this special Contest!!
Ed aka :iconnova63:
Work can be submitted until the first of january 2015
Your work should be new!!
Please use legal stock!!
State in your description that it's made for the angels contest by :iconmanipulationhelpdesk:
No explicit gore and sex!!
You can submit up to three entries, but only one can win a prize
Your work should have at least 3 stocks in it.
You can choose every genre you like (fantasy , dark, emotional etc.) and every stock you like!!
Submit your work in the correct folder named; contest Angels
Judges: :iconnova63:  ( if  you also like to judge note me)
Future of the Group!!
This group was founded 10 months ago , with the intention to be a aid for new artists using photoshop, gimp and paintshop- pro
Ranka and me (Ed) would like to know if you as a member are still interested in our group. Help is hardly needed and we have the impression,
that personal help with your work in not needed  or you can find your tips or tutorials


What are you waiting for..? Hop in, and win great prizes. We are eager to see your work. :eager: :boogie:
Happy Holidays..! <da:thumb id="416886391"/>  love-love-love by KitLightning

Your vote counts..!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 15, 2014, 11:38 AM

:iconthefavouriteshowcase: started a new competition with theme Portrait. I want to announce to all my friends and watchers that you can vote for your favourite portrait here thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

One of these is my work Between Heaven and Earth, and if you like it you can vote for me, it would make me very happy. :happybounce: :flirty:

   Between Heaven And Earth by RankaStevic

Thank you in advance..! :wave: :blowkiss:

Vote and win points..!

Journal Entry: Mon May 26, 2014, 2:55 AM

I need help from my watchers and friends again..! :ashamed: The final voting started in :iconthefavouriteshowcase: monthly challenge. I would appreciate a lot if you have time to go here… and vote. Judge All you need to do is pick 3 favourite works and comment below by writing their numbers. One of the works is my Goddes of Spring (number 4), so if you like it you can vote for me. FlirtatiousEveryone who vote will enter the draw to win points. Thank you in advance, the voting will be open till 30th May, so hurry up..! OMG! I can't contain my excitement!          

  Goddes Of Spring by RankaStevic

Floods in Serbia

Journal Entry: Wed May 21, 2014, 5:24 AM

As you probably heard by now, Serbia is battling with floods of biblical proportions for 7 days.

Till now we found 33 dead and more than 300 people are missing.

More than 25 000 people are evacuated from their homes.
Flooding and landslides have destroyed 3 000 km of roads, 250 bridges and 2 500 houses.

These are only preliminary reports.

Our neighbors in Bosnia and Croatia are also flooded, and having very hard times.

For those of you who are able to help here are some ways:

:bulletred:You can donate via PayPal on Novak Djokovic Official website

:bulletred:You can donate via Government of Serbia official PayPal account for flood victims

We appreciate any kind of support, moral and material, and kind words and wishes from all around world.

Since it is difficult to describe in words how difficult  is the situation in Serbia, I bring you these photos to see for yourself.

The photos are not mine and I do not have the copyright on them. I  put them here only in purpose of informing my friend and watchers.

Poplave-u-Srbiji-2-620x400 by RankaStevic

0,,17643840 303,00 by RankaStevic

60950372 by RankaStevic

Krupanj-foto-jovica-mijailovic-610x330 by RankaStevic

O by RankaStevic

Obrenovac-poplava by RankaStevic

Srbija-poplave-krupanj-1400621927-501397 by RankaStevic

Poplave-u-valjevo-mondo-25 by RankaStevic

Srbija-poplave-svilajnac-1400622180-501405 by RankaStevic

Poplave-aa Picture 20140519 2350306 High by RankaStevic

Poplave-srbija11 by RankaStevic

Poplave-krupanj-foto-zoran-saponjic-1400430756 by RankaStevic

Poplave-krupanj-foto-zoran-saponjic-140043... by RankaStevic

Poplava-poplave-obrenovac-reka-voda-nasip-foto by RankaStevic

Srbija-poplave-opasnost-svilajnac-1400271964-4 by RankaStevic

Obrenovac Slik 123 by RankaStevic

Srbija-dunav-poplave-1370471754-321491 by RankaStevic

Srbija Poplave Main Epa-750x420 by RankaStevic

Poplavapoplave-evakuacija-evakuisani-obrenovac by RankaStevic

Obrenovac-poplave-evakuacija-foto-tanjug-14003 by RankaStevic

Lazarevac-fonet by RankaStevic

Feature by RankaStevic

470538 Poplave-reutersmarko-djuricaobrenovac-1 by RankaStevic

evakuisanje-ljudi-iz-poplava-Veliki-Crljeni-mo by RankaStevic

evakuisanje-ljudi-iz-poplava-Veliki-Crljeni-mo by RankaStevic

evakuisanje-ljudi-iz-poplava-Veliki-Crljeni-mo by RankaStevic

Deca-obrenovac-poplave-mondo-23 by RankaStevic

Poplave-u-Srbiji8 by RankaStevic

Pray for Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia..

The worst floods in history of Serbia hits the coutry in past few days. The flooding water was similar to tsunami, 3-4 metres high, wiped out everything in its path. Tens of thousands of people are evacuated from their homes, in some parts of the coutry there are whole communities cutt off the world because landslides buried the roads. The death toll is rising. Survivers lost all their possessions. Situation is still criticall because more water is coming in river Sava and is gonna hit city of Sabac tonight.

Many countries sent us their help. We are all grateful to good people of Russia, Slovenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Israel, Palestine, Azerbaijan, US, Turkey, Hungary, Chech Republic, Luxembourg, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Belarus and Japan who sent food, water, medicines, boats, blankets, water pumps and their rescuers to help us.

For those willing to help Serbian Goverment opened accounts where you can deposit money. The number of accounts you can find here…

Please remember us in your prayers.

Gratitude to my dear friend

Tue Jan 7, 2014, 4:44 PM

I want to thank the kind and generous young man :icongdalton66:   who gave me a one year premium membership..! It's so nice to know that there are people who do not need reason for kindness, and not seeking gratitude for their generosity. They give for the joy of giving, and this is one of the finest human qualities, and so rare among people today. Thank you so much :icongdalton66: and God bless you..!