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This is my entry for What's it Like contest hosted by mental-health

I feel like I have to say a few words about it.
My diagnosis for many years is clinical depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. I rarely talk about it even with friends, because they mostly have lack of understanding for this subject. 
Sadly, but mental illness is taboo even in 21st century. For most of the people you're not ill if it's not visible at least with X-rays or ultrasound.
I don't know why I got sick. I guess it walked beside me most of my life.
My father's suicide at the age of 5, experiencing war in my country, bad marriage and ugly divorce, raising a deaf child and finally my heart illness are some of the reasons that pushed me over the edge. I tried to fight with it for many years by myself, and it was getting worse. Finally I decided to seek for doctor's help.
It's not like everything is OK with me now, but it's somehow easier. With medications I have strenght to get up from bed every morning, and for me that is improvement. But my struggle continues...
Some of you know what I am talking about, because you are fighting the same demons. For those who don't have experience with mental illness I have a plea: don't judge unless you didn't walk in this shoes.

Stocks used in this piece:

StockProject by StockProject1 Bullet; Black  Background

AnneWillems Bullet; Black  Room

Kuoma-stock Bullet; Black  Girl

Momotte2stocks Bullet; Black  Crow

mysticmorning Bullet; Black  Happy Mask

v3rtex Bullet; Black  Font brushes

GlassBullet Bullet; Black  Letters brushes

Sirius-sdz Bullet; Black  Texture

midnightstouch Bullet; Black  Grunge Corner brushes 

Everything else painted and created with Photoshop CS4.

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Beautiful. It's true that we like to put on a brave face and say everything's fine when we're really falling apart. I hope you are doing better.