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Pip Bernadotte Shimeji by Ranger-26 Pip Bernadotte Shimeji by Ranger-26
Another Shimeji, this one featuring my second favorite character Captain Pip Bernadotte. I actually started this Monday, and I probably would've finished this on Tuesday, but I got a little lazy. <.< Anyways, I still think I made good time on this. :D Next time, I will be doing Captain Hans Gunsche, but let it be written that it probably won't come out as quickly as Walter and Pip have.

To add to this topic, please do not send me notes telling me what to draw next. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing in my inbox 'make this, kthnxbai'. It's rude, and I do not appreciate it.

You'll find the download link off to the right. There you'll find a zip file with everything you need. Just unzip the file wherever you'd like your new desktop buddy. Inside you'll see a couple folders, but the only file you need to worry about is the one that says 'Shimeji-ee'. It's the .exe file. I've noticed that sometimes the shimeji won't start if you click the application. If this happens and he doesn't appear after a little bit, please follow this link in able to make it work:[link]

There's going to be some color tearing around the shimeji depending on what the contrast of your wallpaper is it will either be more or less prominent, because I used cleaner lines, I scrubbed all the images, but you'll still find that there is that problem. There is no getting rid of it. ._.

I probably won't be making an Alucard shimeji simply because it seems alot of people are already making plans to do so.

I'm disabling comments because I am sick of getting comments of people wanting me to do this or that shimeji for them. I have neither the time nor the patience to do more. That is all.
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August 3, 2011
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