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You're trapped in your own mind, locked in a world you don't remember, Your pain is as clear as day, If only they could see. Life goes by, You make choices every day, And each moment is spent in agony, But you don't give up. You fight and fight, Facing the challenge head on, What springs you forward? I'm not entirely sure. It could be determination, It could be hope, It could be love, It could be all of them. So I stand here, Watching, Never sure just how deep the pain goes. I watch and hope, Pray and dream, Wish for a different end. You don't deserve this pain, And I cannot ease it, So if it's a friend you need, The
Which is your Choice?
Shattered Souls Ch3: Beginning
    The next thing I know is I'm standing, and Green's awkwardly looking between the two of us like we're both a bunch of freaks. From what I can tell he is trying to start an introduction, but just can't find the right words. Looking over to the black-haired boy from before that odd memory (or was it?) intruded and I woke up being held by him. Now that I think of it, is he normal? It seems like he's a bit too cold for that, but that might ju-    "Ahem" Green clears his throat, it seems he has come to a decision on what to say. Great, now I don't remember what I was thinking about before. "This is Red, the real" ooh... seems like there are
Ahora si ya valio
Ianite and Her Dragon
Romantic Sunset
The Seven Chaos Emeralds V2.0
Real Chaos Emeralds 2
The Goddess Nayru
Ryan Drummond's Opinion of Nazo Unleashed
TOOT TOOT. Tooting my own horn here When I submitted the 3rd part of Nazo Unleashed, I requested that Ryan Drummond viewed it because even though I wanted him to act in it, I understood that he couldn't but wanted him to see how I used his voice clips (I also contacted him for permission to use his voice.) Here's what he said (9/1/2007)! "Hey Aaron (that's my brother's name, you know?),  Well since it took you a year of your life to put this together, the least I could do was give 15 minutes to watch the whole thing! :)  EXCELLENT JOB!!! Really well done, brother. You obviously have a lot of talent in this craft. I urge you to go a


C.W.S. Book 1 - Rise of the Dark King: Prolouge
Author's Notes: This is Part of A Legend of Zelda Fanfic Series I will be writing. C.W.S. Stands for Chaos War Saga. Hope you enjoy it! __________________________________________________________________________________________   In the beginning, All was Chaos. That was before the Goddesses Din, Nayru, And Farore brought life and order to the world. Din, The goddess of power created the land. Nayru, the goddess of wisdom, created the oceans, the blue skies, and the laws of physics that gave order to the world. Farore, the Goddess of Courage, brought life to the world. Together they also created the Triforce, and left it behind as a symbol o
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It has been a long time but I am back!
        I finally was able to come up with a way to start chapter one of my Legend of Zelda fanfic Chaos War Saga's first book: C.W.S. Book 1-Rise of the Dark King! I have now completed the first few paragraphs of the chapter. Finally my Writers Block has started to get less severe!        On another note, I will be moving soon so within a week or two before or after August 1st I will temporarily lose internet access while I get it transferred to where I am moving. yay....
Devious Journal Entry
WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!! I have been having Hot and Cold flashes repeatedly for over a week now. Seriously. It Is one hour hot, the next cold, the next hot, the next cold , and then it all repeats itself starting with hot again. I AM ONLY 22 FOR CHRISTS SAKE! THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING TO ME! My temperature in my apartment Is properly regulated at normal temperatures (70 degrees Farenheit) and no matter what I am wearing this darn pattern of Hot- then Cold Flashes does not stop! This is really beginning to stress me out. I think something might really be wrong with me.


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