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:star: Hi! I really like your sprite work! Can you help me with my awesome fan project? :star:

I'm flattered that you like my spritework, but... NO. PLEASE STOP ASKING. THE ANSWER IS "NO".

Read here for reasons, but it ultimately boils down to I don't feel like it. DO NOT ASK. I WILL REFUSE.

:star: Hi! We've never met, but my commissions are open! Here's a note with all my prices, will you commission me? :3 :star:

No. I won't. Dropping this in my notes is annoying and a waste of both your time and my time. DO NOT COME INTO MY NOTES ADVERTISING YOUR COMMISSIONS. I WILL IGNORE IT.

Can I make art of your characters/interpretations?
Sure! I love fanart -- just ping me (using Shreedle) in every deviation so that I can see it! (And I mean every deviation, please.)

Why don't you make sprite sheets instead of single sprites?
Simply put: lack of both time and motivation. My sprites are more references for me so I don't forget what a character I designed looked like, and I'm not making games so no point in whole sheets.

Huh? Who're you?
I used to go by RandyPandy! I've had that name since I was 13 on the internet, so I wanted to change it to something that was a little less... awkward.

Pet Peeves:
Aka, things I generally don't like seeing on DeviantART:
-Untagged mature art. Don't care if it's porn or graphic violence, tag your stuff, not everyone wants to see it.
-Comparing people's characters to another character, whether it be an official character or someone else's OC. Not cool. No, it's not a compliment, it's an insult.

Commission Status: :bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred:
Please click here for details. I'm always happy to take commissions. I'm starting a new job, and it's going to be taking a lot more of my time than I would like. I don't think I will have time to be taking anymore fanfic or sprite commissions, sorry. Current commissions will still be finished, but unpaid ones have no ETA.

Art Trade Status: :bulletblue: CLOSE FRIENDS ONLY :bulletblue:
I am fine with doing art trades that I consider of equal value (i.e., both parties get what they want and feel it was worth the trade). I'm willing to do simple vectors, sprites, and short stories / fanfics.

Request Status: :bulletorange::bulletblue: RARE & CLOSE FRIENDS ONLY :bulletblue::bulletorange:
I have the right to refuse a request for any reason. The easier the request, the more likely I am to do it. Please understand that I have no timeline for requests -- I can't guarantee that I'll do it in a timely manner -- if at all.

Tip: If I don't know you at all, you're not getting a request.

About Me
While I am generally easygoing and don't mind meeting people, my primary goal on dA is to post art and stay in touch with the people that I care about. I've met lots of great people, and got a good chance to hone my skills in different mediums.

I don't like confrontations or entering debates, and I hate having beliefs forced on me for multiple reasons. My opinions are my own, and if you think you'll have problems with me because I believe or ship something that you don't, then please leave.

Closest Friends
People I can trust with absolutely anything. :)

Commission To-Do List:
:bulletyellow: MMZX Fanfic for Bassiroth. Status: Not paid. Started.

Art Trade To-Do List:

Request To-Do List:
:bulletred: General Kyrie sprite for Genisay. Status: Not started.

Other dA To-Do List:
:bulletblack: None!

Favourite Movies
Classic Disney
Favourite TV Shows
The Price is Right (with Bob Barker)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Sonata Arctica
Favourite Books
Stravaganza series
Favourite Writers
Mary Hoffman, Rick Riordan
Favourite Games
Entire Mega Man series, Boktai, Final Fantasy 1-6 & TA
Favourite Gaming Platform
SNES, GBA, PS2, Wonderswan Color
Tools of the Trade
MS Paint, Notepad, Paper & Pencil, GIMP 2.0
Other Interests
Fanfiction, Spriting
Art giveaway by a friend of mine~. :heart:
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I haven't posted anything in a REALLY long time, but... yeah, anyone that knows me knows why I'm excited about this. :D
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Obligatory "Shreedle is still alive" journal, plus I thought the questions were a fun little mental exercise. Tagged by Shinryuu-Uroborus ( Rules: Create a new journal entry with the rules and the name of the person who tagged you. Answer the 13 questions asked to you. Make 13 questions of your own. Nah. Tag 13 other people. Nope. You can’t say you don’t do tags. Lolno Tag-backs are allowed. Yeah, no. Gotta make a journal. No comments. Unless you’re commenting about the actual entry. Make a creative title. Uh-uh. Did the MMX set of questions. 1. What was your first X game and your memory of it at the time? M
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Thank's for the badge!

Thank you so much for the fave!!
You're welcome! c:
thenk for the favorite!
You're welcome!
Thank you so much for the fave and your support of my project. Thanks for everything! Aww
Have a great day!
You're welcome! =)