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Hey. I haven't updated my journal post since 2017... wow! Time sure flies!

I have posted some art here now and then so I haven't been totally absent, but I did notice that I let a lot of notes that people had sent me go unanswered. I apologize for that. I didn't meant to be rude by not answering, just being slack and unknowing. I will probably miss some notes as well in the future but I will try and do better.

Things are good here though, the family is doing well. My daughter is in grad school now and my son is a high school senior. So that gives me some more time to draw now that they're older and soon to be out on their own. Anyway, I will try to keep things updated around here a little better from here on. Later.

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Ha ha, time flies, doesn't it? Awesome to hear from you again!

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Glad you're well Randy.

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Cool, glad all is well! You and your loved ones stay safe. d00d pound it

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Hope you are doing well and healthy! Glad to hear from you!

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Yes! All good! I hope you are as well!

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Glad to see ya!  Always love your lines, they are fantastic and never fail to satisfy.  Hope to see more soon! :D

May you and yours be safe in this trying time.
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Thank you much!

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As long as you look after your children and family, it's all good.
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Thanks! They are only around for a short time and then all grown. Happens fast.

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