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Just a short post.
Went to SD Comicon 2017, then flight was delayed by a day. Then went on a family vacation for a week. Now I'm very "out-of-sorts" but hopefully I can get back into a routine now. I've got stuff to do that I'm a little behind on. I hope you all are doing well with your respective artistic endeavors.   ~  Randy
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Been burning through pages last few months. Need to hit SDCC again, but i always get extra work during the con because people go there and not work. LOL More fun stuff coming up. 
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Saw some of the new Aspen covers you did.   Flipping awesome.  
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Sorry I missed you guys at SDCC! Same here though, trying to find my routine again is proving tough. Gotta get back up to speed.

Hope you guys didn't catch that nasty con crud going around!
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I caught a slight cold but I think it was from staying up all night at airport. More from exhaustion than a virus.