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Kim the Delusional 2

Character  Kim the Delusional
Here's a second piece I did of Bill McKay's character, Kim the Delusional.
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Ammazing job!

Could you give this piece some color? tagging in my social networks

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Lovely work.

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>! Great contrast & shading !<

the cuteomiter just hit 10

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Are you aware of how good your line art is, seriously?

I feel like a cat chasing a laser pointer when I see this stuff.

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>! Great line art !<

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Incredible work! I love your style!

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Aww, I thought I was looking at concept art for Sega's "Golden Axe" franchise. :(

Still great-looking art though!

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Her face looks oddly relieved. His eyes are wide with shock. His mouth is also agape with shock, and his tongue is out almost like he was gagging. He even has very watery eyes. And she is sitting with her butt right near his nose.

My first thoughts were this girl must have had too many beans for lunch.

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That monster's dead right? Cause otherwise I'd think that would be an awkward moment. ;P

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Cool, cute and alluring

nice work

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my pleasure, I hope to see more artwork depicting this dame in the future

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