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Photoshop coloring tutorial

By randychen
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Here is the tutorial for Photoshop coloring. It's not the most detailed tutorial, but hope it gets the basic idea out.
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thanks for this tutorial, mate! appreciate it.
randychen's avatar
you are welcome!
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Nice man, thanks for the turorial
IshZakI's avatar
great tutorial xD
weradesign's avatar
very good work.... I like it more
ARTRIAD's avatar
Another triumph.
japanass's avatar
thx a lot for this little helper
Kakashiforever's avatar
holy mother of cake, that isnt a PHOTO? Dude amazing job @_@ (and thanks for the tutorial :D)
randychen's avatar
Hi you're welcome.
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wow! this is impressive! you should post some more vehicles! I personally find using photoshop to be more difficult than using 'traditional' media. Keep up the great work!
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Thanks, for me drawing by hand is still the start of every artwork. Photoshop does take lots of practice tho.
korge's avatar
Result looks photorealistic!

Great work and thanks for making it.
Einblick989's avatar
now this looks very helpful! thanks randychen!:w00t!:
randychen's avatar
You're welcome.
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HOLY CRAP! And that's a drawing?! Looks just like a photo!
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Thanks, it's a lot of work for sure, Photoshop's an amazing tool ain't it?
Wisker's avatar
How'd you get a pencil lineart that dark? O__o
randychen's avatar
Since I do not ink, I penciled pretty dark already, then in Photoshop, I darkens a little more.
MikeNick's avatar
wow... nice tips....
thanx... :)

maybe i should ask you to color mine, if you have a free time later... :D
randychen's avatar
You're welcome...
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IrregularHunterZero's avatar
Nice! I need as much help as I can get in the coloring area. Good stuff!
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