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Weekly Doodles - Si.

By RandoWis
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Hola amigo.

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Stardustwolf45Hobbyist General Artist
They look goooood
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D1M3NS1ONHobbyist Digital Artist
They look significantly older.
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Avarus-LuxHobbyist General Artist
Hola amig.....o's.....

 ehm... wrong table? :oops: 


cya.... Come With Me


this got to be the best one till date, nice job. :D
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Awesome job on this one.

p.s.: I don't want to know what Lu has behind her back.
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this is one of your best ever :P
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Where is Lulu Mustache??
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ONEIRIStudent General Artist
Uh Lulu also needs a mustache 
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ZabiusStudent General Artist
buenos dies compradre
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ALAvidereProfessional Digital Artist
Starting Rando as "El Chapo"
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pablols51Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"¿Plata o plomo?"
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1raruto2Student Traditional Artist
I am mexican, looks normal for me :v
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Sheepgirl145 Digital Artist
Hola chicos..
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mythkazHobbyist Digital Artist
The right way of writing it is "Hola" (Which is Hello) "Ola" means wave

Also, I don't know much about cartels but as far as I'm aware those morons lack modals, so they would be saying something like "¿Qué quieres cabrón?" (What do you want @#$%) in the best scenario >_>'
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ejayleeStudent Traditional Artist
This needs to be a wallpaper!
modzmaster's avatar
I'll call the ghosts .
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JinksaHobbyist Traditional Artist
A big lack of Tattoo's and cocaine....still awesome.
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dogman0Hobbyist Filmographer
That's what bothers you? Lu should at least have two mustaches if she were in the cartel, one for her and another for the foo who suggested this.
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BabakoSenHobbyist General Artist
fuuuuuckkkk...I have to go to Mexico next week
dogman0's avatar
dogman0Hobbyist Filmographer
Ha, when you get there, say hello to Rando and his little friend for me!
Gangster fella (Actions) 
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BabakoSenHobbyist General Artist
You know kidnapping tourists for ransom is a major problem there, right?
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dogman0Hobbyist Filmographer
true, but I took that risk last year, and I am fine.
You do know what a joke is, right?
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BabakoSenHobbyist General Artist
Oh I got it. I ain't laughin, but I get it.
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