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Me and my dad playing Injustice 2.

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I.. I'll admit, this here is exactly why I NEVER rejoined a game after saying I had to go, for fear of this happening
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This happened once after a Behemoth quest

He refuses to talk to me after a week XD
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I know that feel... telling someone u have to leave the game, waiting for them to leave, continuing playing, then having them REJOIN THE SAME SERVER AGAIN
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when you say bye to a friend, but you both end up walking in the same direction
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Yo this is me and my friends all the time

"Why you tryna level up without me bro?!"
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well now you can't blame eachothers
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Lol That's happened before- usually go on another toon on WoW. 
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who needs sleep? heh
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LOL, the faces get me every time! thanks for sharing.  :)
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Dark Souls or Monster Hunter?
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Check the # under the title, duh.
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No need to be rude to people
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Aw shucks, snowflake. Sorry if we broke a nerve, huh?
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dont call me snowflake for fucking defending someone you piece of dogshit

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Oh noes, someone is lecturing me, because I added "duh", the horror, the horror!
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