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Taking A Break From Weekly Comics.

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Hey everyone!

So the TL;DR is, I’ve been feeling creatively bankrupt when it comes to making weekly comics for some time, and I’m gonna be taking a break from them for the time being. Just the weekly comics though, everything else (illustrations, MMO, art streams, animations etc..) will be going on as usual, as a matter of fact, I might be focusing on them more. Worry not as I’m not going anywhere, and neither is this a hiatus!

Now for the explanation for those who’d like to know more (long post ahead);
The source of inspiration for my comics here at RandoWis has always been life experiences that I’ve personally come across, with a touch of exaggeration. Basically, moments I’d like to share with everyone.

The problem with this, is that the inspiration is heavily dependent on me actually having these experiences. In the past, when RandoWis first began, though those times were tougher, it was a fact that I travelled around more, hung out more, met people constantly, played more games, and generally just explored what life had to offer, hence the abundance of ideas for weekly comics then.

However, in recent times, things have changed. In fact, it’s the complete opposite right now, with all the measures the world has taken to ensure the safety of one another. Though I must admit that the sense of creative bankruptcy had loomed in my mind LONG before this virus came along, as I no longer spent time the way I used to; outside. Even before COVID-19 made it’s debut, most of my time then (and now) was being spent indoors to work on MMO/illustrations/streams etc. I had little to no reason to go out, and neither did my buddies. Even if we did have a reason, we hardly had the time anymore. All of this amounts to me feeling like I’m boring as an individual, and that boringness reflects in my weekly comics as well. Some may disagree (and I thank you for that), but this is just how I feel.

Allow me to clarify that the fault does not lie in the art form, but rather, how I practice it. There are plenty of ways to get ideas for comics, the problem is that I’m too stubborn to do it any other way. I have tried other means to come up with jokes/ideas previously, but each time that I do, I feel like it’s not a comic I’d want to post online as the process is something I’m not used to and that the comic isn’t good enough. Which leads me to my conclusion; that I would need to take a step back from the weekly comics for the time being, so that I can reevaluate my perspectives and approach to making them.

I’d rather miss making weekly comics than hate them.

Does this mean I’m going away? Nah.
I don’t know how long I’ll take this step back, but I’ll still be here. In the meantime, I’ll put my focus on other types of art (be it animations, doodles, studies, more illustrations etc..). I’d like to do a little more exploring outside of weekly comics, and who knows, maybe I’ll post more often. Nah, that’s probably unlikely. Haha

Anyway, that’s it from me.
If you have any thoughts, feedback, suggestions, or criticisms, speak your mind in the comments! I’d love to hear them!

As always, thank you all so much for your love and support!
Love you much much, and I’ll see you again in the next post!

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pyroman7Hobbyist Artist

take as much time as you need dude, you've given us years of amazing comics, you deserve time off.

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Taking a break is necessary, thank you for telling us :D

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Venus-Z-AHobbyist Digital Artist

I feel you, rest well my friend.

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TheWaterMelonKidHobbyist Digital Artist

yeah, you should take a break so you can get inspired maybe after covid? i dunno but stay well!

FaceThumb's avatar
FaceThumbStudent Traditional Artist

I'm glad to hear that you really want to make your work the best you can in addition to being glad about it, even if it means taking a step back for a while. Stay well, Rando!

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JugboteryHobbyist Digital Artist
DreamsofaSparrow's avatar
DreamsofaSparrowHobbyist Artist

Take all the time you need Rando, focus on what you enjoy, what you have inspiration for. It's better that you aren't forcing yourself to do weekly comics when you are creatively bankrupt at the moment. Focus on your passions and what is enjoyable. <3

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Mr-FizzleHobbyist Digital Artist

Top 10 Saddest Anime Moments of All Time

Glad you're still working well.

Just do ya thang. We're good.

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LittleKidsinProfessional General Artist

Hey man, you do whatever you need to do to!

I think I speak for everyone here when I say, you're more important than your art!

I'm personally just happy that you're still here and sharing things with us! Whatever that might be ^^

Thank you for sharing this post with us! I hope you're doing well, and I wish you all the happiness with your future endeavours~

No matter if you decide to continue doing your weekly comics in the future or not, as long as you're happy!

And please don't feel pressure to start it again before you're ready!

Sorry, I never usually say anything, but I've been following you for years and I really love your work, so I wanted to say something!

We all support you~! Take care! <3

kolillo's avatar

As the others said, take care, (personally speaking) I think it's good to take a break from comics to have less stress of thinking of how to make your comics, while you focus on other things. We'll be here and waiting Rando !

Fenix3's avatar

Take care of yourself.

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BabakoSenHobbyist General Artist

You do whatever you feel you need to do, but I do have a suggestion if you're allowed outside for reasons other than getting food or meds.

What helped me get through lockdown when it was happening here was flower photography. Everything indoors or involving shared equipment except for grocery stores and pharmacies were closed, but outdoor public green-spaces stayed open, so I started photographing the local flowers week by week. If you're not doing it for money, photography is a great outlet when your brain is stuck in near-term survival mode and you don't have much energy or head space for being creative. And flowers in particular (assuming they're seasonal and don't hang around for weeks on end) are helpful for reassuring you that you're not stuck in some nightmarish time loop.

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Everything is always changing, including people, taking some time to figure stuff out is sensible. As for ideals I think your point is on the mark, art (expression) is draw from experiences, if the pool of ideals is exhausted then the best solution is to take time to relax and do something else (even if that time comes out of making art).

With the internet there is a wealth of things one can do from home, like chat, watch shows, view art, read, and play games. Also if you have a trail or open area near your home that could be a good time to walk around and enjoy the scenery, as long as you give others some space you should be all right.

Thanks for taking a moment to share some art and thoughts. Best of luck with your future health, happiness, and projects. : )

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Absbor-JHobbyist General Artist

<3 Alritgh!

SweetOnisticSonder's avatar

Don't burn out yourself, dude! We're all there for you, and hope that you have a good time, rather than a tough, stress-inducing cycle. :heart:

youkaime2's avatar

Thank you for your work and the laughs, have a good rest.

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JJFASSTNew Deviant

don't click on me

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Drawman98Student Artist

It's all good. We all have moments of having creativity depleted. I graduated from an Art school this year in May and I felt so creatively depleted afterwards. In fact, I think I'm still feeling creatively depleted. Enjoy your summer break!

xr7boy's avatar

Have a fun break!

ArtisticSandvich's avatar
ArtisticSandvichHobbyist General Artist

enjoy your summer vacation.

GiselleIsHere's avatar
GiselleIsHereHobbyist Digital Artist

Take all the time you need! :heart:

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chasr34Hobbyist General Artist

i can honestly understand the feeling of loosing inspiration to make comics after being inside most of the time, after being home schooled, i started loosing inspiration to draw my comics that i'd usually make on a daily basis for fun, or just drawing in usual, its good to take a break if needed, dont burn yourself out from it, that aint any fun, taking breaks usually help to inspire stuff in the future, you do what ya wanna do, ill still enjoy what ya do

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