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No one ever believes me though.
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Same with homeworks... that's why I hate them.
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But for real tho 
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No soy dibujante profesional pero cuando dibujo definitivamente me voy 3 o 5 horas en un solo maldito dibujo !
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Wow! I wonder what happens, when it's finished.
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I feel the same sometimes. When, I ran out of ideas. XD

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*Angry spook noices directed towards the sun*
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rando, what tablet do u use?
DarkShade-JA's avatar
me and my friend trying to draw asking if each of us are finish lol
ank57's avatar
*Sans noises*
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Two civilians got nuclear blasted (October 23, 2077 colorized)
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from the other guy's perspective, he's been standing there watching nothing happen for years.
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this frustrates me on all levels ;-;
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Why come I relate to this LMAO
MrCattyWolf's avatar
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Every arts struggles with time
*Made in heaven*
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So much to relate to ;w;
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I,... somehow can relate.

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if that's just one line I'd hate to see how you fair after a full comic like this. :D
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But you still had the time to draw angry eyebrows on your skull, though.
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r e a l y  s l o w
Obnoxstrophobia's avatar
dats right! even time speeds when watching ur twitch >:'(
NoriTheLord's avatar
nobody undestands it >:'c 
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