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I love going to the dentist probably because I fall asleep on the chair.

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HA! What a Pussy.

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Everyone has his or its weaknesses.
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Why is everyone afraid of the dentist? I loove dentist. ( I've never had a problem with my teeth), but for some reason, I love the drill's voice.
Okay, I have a sick mind, I know. Sorry. ^^;
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I mean the main reason I love my dentist is cus it has games in there- and the dentists are nice and funny so that’s a bonus-

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I assume it's up to personal experience.

When my first tooth got pulled the anesthesia didn't worked so that was my joy.

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Ouch. Sorry about that. :(
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That's why I always try to consider my pets' feelings...Constant fear that they'll talk shit about me behind my back.
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"is he now?"  xD
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Karma is a b*tch!! :D

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Your relationship with your cat makes me laugh. 
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How do you even — these e x p r e s s i o n s
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You should check out his most recent one-

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The ideal revenge >=]
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i don't blame the guy for not liking the dentist 0.0 i am scared of the dentist too
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Puss is a she!?
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Allí this time i thought Rando's cat was a he...
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Was not ready for puss’s line lmao 

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delet this cursed spam
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