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It's a sickness.
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...I know that feeling.
I hate that feeling.

That feeling is the reason I can't relax properly.
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idk, i guess i'm weird but... i love this feeling :D

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thats so true lol
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I despise this feeling.
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Just like university!
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Pffft . . . ahahahahahaha . . . XD

Yup . . . story of my life.  XXDD
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Me and doing work versus me and gaming
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Ladies and gentlemen... Anxiety
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This is the realest real thing
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How holidays have been this far
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big mood lmao. If i aint working my brain will literally try to kill me.

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Lol how R E L A T A B L E

(seriously doh)
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I know this well... Rest is important though..:dozes off:

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Suggestion: MMO cast action figures
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As a dude whose once procrastinated from the same damn thing for six months straight, I envy the hell out of you.

To quote a certain infamous DA user... "god i wish that were me"
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The struggle is real, a difficult challenge when you are your own boss is making a schedule. Best of luck and thanks for sharing!
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I know this feeling! But then I read a book about time management and started meditating and I haven't felt this in a while.
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"Ain't no rest for the wicked" said the Delusional Man, at 4:30 AM.
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