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So close yet so far.
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Accurate facial expressions.
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'Fly, you fools!'

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Rando thank you for youк works! All of them make me laugh))) You are amaizing!

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Cat: meow meow meow meow

Rando: long live the pet

Cat: hisssssssssssz

So close yet so fat.

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Long live the cat king......

😂 lol
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Scar rapeface Long live the king.

at least it wont leave a SCAR

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Jajaja... And who is Simba?
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For kicks and about Grandpa...and he is in an armchair, puffing a cigar, like, "I don't give a crap about this."

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oh jajaja, that is good one. I would add " i don´t give a crap about this, give me a hot whiskey"

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Cue the Titanic music *Flute style ~* 🤣👌🏽
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Thus the cat has falen.

dat's one helluva crusty coach

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Top ten anime betrayals...

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"Long live the king..."
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nooooooooo michi

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Just as well. If you'd grabbed her, Puss probably would have more likely bitten you than have understood you were trying to help.

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Close but no cigar
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