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Where's the half...


Luckily there are circles and no half circles in an umbrella. Another joke would be the World's Largest Umbrella/Parasol.

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The face .....that lot hard laugh, HAhaha! :rofl:
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There was an amazing joke similar to this in the French movie "La Zizanie", but it was made to the next level :-)
That face... sums up life
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He fucking pulled an umbrella out of his ass.
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This is the face of betrayal.
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I think I'm in love. (With your work 😃)
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Found something amazing
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Long live the king
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the faces you draw are amazing! xD
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The face...of betrayal
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"Why hath thou forsaken me?" lmao, I love your work man. Just found out about you yesterday on Pinterest. Can't believe I never heard of you before.
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Rando, you probably get told this all the time, but man do you draw the best faces. XD
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*le me layin down and looking at this comic*

*Bursts in laughter at 1:41 am*
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I can see the friendship sails away. xD
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That face says "bitch what the fuck"
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hahaha, amazing umbrella only for one XD
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The betrayal.
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Waths the problem bro? XD real man love to feel the rain on the skin!
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