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Pins And Needles

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he gets his revenge

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I feel like he spends more time on the faces
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Fifth time this one's cracked me up

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I swear you have the best style, I laugh every time!
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Finally, someone illustrates how it feels!
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Unfathomable suffering.
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this is exactly how i picture this feeling, with static
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Whenever I try to walk with pins and needles, the feeling makes giggle a lot.
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“god dammit puss”
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Oh my god hahahahahaha too funny and so true 
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It's exactly the same with small kids, I swear the little gits have a radar for injuries/ discomfort that causes them to radiate towards it. 
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This cat is the devil XD
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I hate that tingling feeling
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That tv static effect look is the absolute perfect description of that feeling😂
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i got a little brother to do the job of puss.
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